Date: 4/21/2021


Building lobbies are now the first line of defense against COVID-19. Yet Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) may be the most important: we’ll talk about an Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) management system using IoT equipment and artificial intelligence (AI) analytics engine.

We’ll discuss one of the first buildings in the U.S. designed for the post-COVID-19 environment. Managing occupancy will be essential in the new era of work: cloud-based access control systems for managing the entrance and exit points, and network surveillance cameras for protecting premises.

We’ll show some new solutions for building re-occupancy.

Top workplace experts will join us to discuss “Five Futures for the Post-COVID-19 Workplace.”

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Health and safety requirements are driving advancements in smart buildings, from IoT and building design to critical communications and end-to-end solutions. Architectural and engineering firms and AV/IT integrators can get the latest on key technologies and tends for building systems in AVIXA’s monthly Smart Buildings Power Hour. Learn more about the Smart Buildings Power Hour series. 


Maureen Ehrenberg
Blue Skyre

Steve Fey
Totem Building Cybersecurity 

Darlene Pope
President of North America


Bob Snyder
Channel Media