Date: 11/10/2021
Sponsored by: Barco


The control room is the nerve center of any corporate operation. The Common Operational Picture, which is made up of all of the incoming information from a variety of sensors and sources, is crucial to an organization’s risk assessment and plan implementation. For a well-functioning environment, it's paramount to extend that information and intelligence beyond the control room to board rooms, experience centers, fusion centers, and remote field locations. These enterprise extensions of the situation can create better outcomes for your organization and customer by providing:

Join this November Power Hour to learn how to:

  • Understand strategies and design considerations in extending access to data to mobile and remote devices.
  • Understand how to separate sensitive data and secure systems in ways that allow for the extraction of data and distribution while observing security and data concerns.
  • Understand strategies to align stakeholders and determine levels of access based on the roles, functions, and locations of the people needing access to the operational picture.


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Shawn Brady
Business Development Manager  
Barco Control Rooms

Heather Corbin, CTS
Sales Account Executive  
Solutionz, Inc.

Hope Roth, CTS
Lead Programmer  
Riordan Brothers Integration 



Mark Coxon, CTS-D, CTS-I
Western Regional Sales Director 
HD Distributing, LLC