AV systems operating over enterprise networks pose a serious risk for security breaches. This webinar provides an overview of AVIXA RP-C303.01, Recommended Practices for Networked AV Systems. This RP was developed to help AV professionals better understand and mitigate the risks associated with their networked AV systems. The Recommended Practice describes essential components to establishing an effective AV security program that will complement an existing overall risk management program within an organization. As a first step, networked AV systems must be aligned with the overall security goals of the organization, regardless of its size, location, or activity. Security requirements for individual organizations are highly specific and not one size fits all. 

The webinar will explore critical elements that AV professionals must understand to mitigate risks associated with networked AV systems. 

Webinar attendees will learn about best practices for securing networked AV systems of all sizes. Best practices include:

a) Identifying vulnerabilities and potential gaps created by the network integration of AV systems;
b) Assessing risk (identify, analyze, and align);
c) Developing a plan to reduce exposure and mitigate risks; and
d) Deploying controls to continuously address and manage security risks while at the same time enabling modern AV system integrations.