With the day to day changes, states in different stages of opening (or pulling back), how do you better utilize the technology at hand to start re-opening and get back to work. Join a roundtable of experts from the Advocates for Connected Experiences (ACE) as we discuss overcoming day to day changes, data collection, and a transition from duct tape and paper signs to the strategy of navigating in this new normal.

Panelists include representation from AVIXA, ACE, Blue Telescope, Retail Touchpoints, SEGD, OpenEye Global, ICX, and Geo Path.

David Drain 
Managing Director
ICX Association

Kym Frank 

Debbie Hauss 
Executive Director of Content
Retail TouchPoints

Cybelle Jones 
Society of Experience Graphics Design (SEGD)

Joé Lloyd 
Senior Director of Communications

Bryan Meszaros 
OpenEye Global

Trent Oliver 
Principal and Managing Director
Blue Telescope

Kim Sarubbi 
Advocates for Connected Experiences (ACE)

Dave Haynes 
Sixteen: Nine