AV is often used for live events including concerts, theater, sporting events, expositions, corporate events and houses of worship, among others. How can we mitigate the risks and make those events safer for everyone involved? What responsibilities do AV people have when doing live events?

Learn about the standards covering live events installations including the proposed ESTA Crowd Control Standard. Find out what the Event Safety Alliance is and what resources it offers. Learn where you can get more knowledge to be a leader should a disaster occur. Discover how well designed and implemented AV systems can make live events safer for all.


Kristi Ross-Clausen
Quality and Customer Advocate/Trainer 
Arrow AV Group/IATSE 470

Kristi Ross-Clausen, CTS, has worked in live events for decades. An IATSE stagehand, she completed three Broadway tours across the USA and Canada. A former K-college teacher, her Master's thesis was about theatre safety in high schools. Member of USITT and past-President of the Alliance for Wisconsin Theatre Education, she's the author of the forthcoming "Stagehand's Toolkit." Kristi's presented at WHSFA, AATE/ATHE, USITT and KCACTF on safety. Does "whatever it takes, safely" Arrow AV Group. 

Danielle Hernandez
Outreach Director/Director
McAlistar Auditorium Event Safety Alliance/Furman University

Danielle Hernandez started her theatre journey in high school, which led to a BA in Theatre. For over 25 years, she has worked in many technical aspects of the live events industry and is now Director of McAlister Auditorium, a 1900 seat venue at Furman University. Throughout her career, she has become more focused on theatre safety, which led her to the Event Safety Alliance. The joy of finding her tribe has increased her involvement in the organization and promoting safety at all levels.