This panel examines how next-gen AV equipment is changing the way both large-scale and small meetings are organized. Is there a way to balance in-person interactions with the appeal of digital communication? If speakers can appear on a screen from the other side of the globe, will planners still want to budget for flights and accommodations? If board members can sit in on a roundtable remotely and see one another, will they bother with in-person discussions? And, what if the Wi-Fi fails during a remote presentation? Our experts will discuss these and other topics. Presented with Hotel Management.

Presented by Jonas Tanenbaum, VP of Sales and Marketing, Hospitality TV Division, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.; Mike Hampton, Professor, Florida International University; Joe Schwinger, CEO & Co-Founder, MeetingPlay; Chris Vollmer, Communications Director, Shackman Associates; Stefani C. O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief, Hotel Management