Date: 2/2/2021
Sponsored by: Epson


“What art does is to coax us away from the mechanical and towards the miraculous.” -Jeanette Winterson

Merging technology with artistic design blurs the boundaries of digital and physical. Join Epson on a journey into the ways in which the creative community is embracing projection technology and disrupting how projection has traditionally been seen to propel it forward into immersive, magical, and awe-inspiring experiences. 


remi_del_marRemi Del Mar
Sr Product Manager
Epson America, Inc.

  • Remi Del Mar has 10+ years of experience in the realm of global product marketing across hardware, software, mobile, and the internet of things.
  • Remi spearheads Epson’s vision of merging virtual and physical environments through projection and augmented reality technology sectors and works to define new applications.
  • She continues to educate end-users on the endless capabilities of creating immersive experiences and promoting the ability to break perceptions of what is and into what can be.


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