Content Distribution & Media Power Hour: Designing & Capturing for Distribution


High-quality content capture requires starting with the distribution method in mind. We’ll look at considerations for designing the right interface as well as the sizing and layout of videos for display and streaming. Plus, ways to overcome challenges when the content already exists and must be adapted across multiple screens.

D=SIGN Power Hour: Screen Mirroring and Engagement


Screen mirroring is emerging as a way for both repurposing existing display technology and allowing more personalized interaction. Learn how this is being used in hospitality, corporate, education, healthcare, and other environments.

Learning Tech Manager’s Power Hour: Scaling Security


With AV technology enabling learning to continue, overall network security, as well as data sharing and data privacy, will play a huge role in 2021. This session looks at what this will mean for higher education with new insights from EDUCAUSE, which identifies information security and managing financial resources in the top IT issues for 2021 for the majority of higher education institutions.

Smart Buildings Power Hour: Building IoT


We’ll explore how IoT can improve the tenants’ wellbeing and their safe return to work by tracking diverse environmental variables – from temperature and relative humidity to air, lighting and sound quality – in real-time.

Conferencing & Collaboration Power Hour: Troubleshooting Conferencing Systems


In this webinar, learn how to determine the common causes of a poor conferencing experience. Review what to look for and the right questions to ask to determine whether it’s the system, room, or user. The discussion will also include the best ways to quickly zero in on possible issues and promptly fix the problem.

Audio Power Hour: Selecting a Test Signal


This panel discusses the pros and cons of various signal types, including how to select the best test signal for any given audio test.

Beyond Digital Signage onto Digital Experiences - Vision Over History


Join Epson on a journey into the ways in which the creative community is embracing projection technology and disrupting how projection has traditionally been seen to propel it forward into immersive, magical, and awe-inspiring experiences.

Part 3 of 3: How to Successfully Deploy LEAN Six Sigma for AV


In this third part of the LEAN Six Sigma in AV series, we cover implementing and managing LEAN Six Sigma in AV using the 5 Steps to LEAN Six Sigma deployment. Come join this course if you are looking for a proven method with a real-world example of how to improve processes, increase productivity and increase profits.

Conferencing & Collaboration Power Hour: The Future of Collaboration is Here


After a year of rapid advancement and investment in conferencing technologies, our technology wish-lists have all been fulfilled. Now is the time to deliver on the future of collaboration by configuring and deploying systems with a consistently low-friction user experience. Today’s users have no tolerance or time to figure out a system that does not simply work the way they need it to. Start the shift to focus on perfecting the user interface and eliminate dysfunction. Workspace trends are moving towards smaller, more flexible spaces, with more remote working over the long-term according to AVIXA’s IOTA report. Corporate technology managers and integrators can get the latest on key developments and trends for the digital workplace in AVIXA’s monthly Conferencing and Collaboration Power Hour.

What's Next? Advancing Your Career as an Audio Professional


In this webinar, a panel will discuss the skills an audio professional won’t learn in a classroom. They will explore technical, cultural, and interpersonal skills needed for professional growth in the global marketplace.

Intel Across AV Industries: A Conversation With Our Partners


Intel technology is prominent in AV, but you may not be aware of just how many new technologies and solutions we enable. Join this session to learn from our key partners on how together, we are enabling innovative technology solutions for the world of AV. We will cover topics ranging from 8K, Smart Buildings, Education and Conferencing Room technology.

Cost-Effective Video Analytics from Edge to Cloud With Intel and Our Partners


From surveillance to artificial intelligence-powered autonomous shopping, video analytics are enabling unprecedented business opportunities. Learn about the vast industry implications and how technology is shaping these changes. Then hear from some of Intel’s most innovative partners who are leading this evolution during a lively panel discussion and how you can engage with Intel + our ecosystem to create and offer new solutions to your customers.

Bringing Digital Experiences to Physical Spaces


Join us as we discuss how Intel and Acrelec are enabling the future of customer engagement by embracing IoT, Computer vision, AI, and Edge computing.

Basics of Six Sigma and Process Improvement for AV: Part 1 of 3


This is the first part of a 3 part series. This segment includes understanding the “Five S” (5S) philosophy of LEAN, the 7 Wastes of Processes, Value Stream Mapping and what the key attributes of Six Sigma (DMAIC) are and how they relate to AV.

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