Chuck Espinoza | AVIXA

Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D, CTS-I

A Marine Band sound guy turned AV geek, Chuck likes nothing more than watching learning ensue …. except for eating bacon. He loves eating bacon. A lot. A lot of bacon. And watch out: He always has a test meter in his back pocket and he is not afraid to use it.


Q: Why do you love the AV industry?
A: I love my AV Industry and AV community because of the amount of passion that most of the professionals have, for what they do. They will work long hours and go to any lengths to make a system work, and will “not give up the fight” until it is complete.

Q: What is your favorite AVIXA teaching memory so far?
While teaching my first design class, I “friended” many students in the class, on social media. After the class was over, several of the students posted very complimentary comments about their experience. Several weeks later, some had messaged me/posted about how they had passed my lessons on to their co-workers and their AV community. I remember thinking “I just affected the industry…really made a difference, for the better!

Marcus Yarborough, CTS-I | AVIXA

Marcus Yarborough, CTS-I

For Marcus, there’s nothing like peering into emerging technology and them making it a reality. He’s always up for a challenge. His down-to-earth personality has had him described as a "hippie without the hair." Marcus’s 15 years of AV experience include installation, service, programming and design — plus military service in communications.


Q: Why do you love the AV industry?
Being part of emerging technology, and bringing thoughts to reality.

Q: What is your favorite AVIXA teaching memory so far?
Knowing that the majority of the attendees took their exam and passed. They found me to thank me for helping them.

Tom Kehr, CTS-D, CTS-I | AVIXA

Tom Kehr, CTS-D, CTS-I

Since 1986, Tom has been involved in designing, installing, operating or purchasing audiovisual systems. He has also been heavily involved in church audio, leading ministry teams, and training volunteers in both permanent and portable venues. In addition, Tom has owned a regional sound reinforcement company for more than 16 years. Prior to joining AVIXA, Tom was a senior designer for a large Washington, D.C., area firm. He is a member of SynAudCon and AES and a licensed amateur radio operator.


Q: Why do you love the AV industry?
There is always something new to learn.

Q: What is your favorite AVIXA teaching memory so far?
Seeing students earn their certifications!

Chrissy Spurlock | AVIXA

Chrissy Spurlock, CTS

Chrissy comes to AVIXA with 10 years of experience in the audiovisual world. Focused first in broadcast TV gigs and live event production, then in LED signal processing, operation, and design, and next in signal processing for high-end video presentation systems. Chrissy is known to bring a lot of energy to the stage with her unique way of teaching. Her love of AV technology comes from the baby years of helping build computers and from a desire to unravel the mystery of a TV signal. She stays grounded by spending time in the outdoors with her husband, riding all the horses, and spending quality time with good friends.


Q: Why do you love the AV industry?
A: The AV industry is full of excitement and fresh ideas surrounding technology. I have always been intrigued with how things work, and this technology field is one place my quirky personality and curious drive can thrive! I live in Videoland. I have focused the past few years on signal processing, but my career as a whole has been surrounded by video presentation of various sorts. If you look into the molecular structure of what our human eyes can perceive versus what is available to be seen, [video] is a world unto itself. Video signal is truly fascinating.

Q: Why do you love teaching AV?
A: Teaching is a huge bonus. I absolutely love having the opportunity to break down complicated concepts into teachable bytes. What better ways to spend my time than helping others reach their potentials! This industry is full of amazing people who might just need a few pointers on some key concepts of technology to boost their production value. If I can provide this for them, I’m set.

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