Whether you're new to the AV industry or you're an experienced professional, you may want a bridge toward your Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) credential. Free to AVIXA Premium or Elite Members, you can earn the AVIXA-Recognized AV Technologist Certificate by taking a 100-question test that can verify you have the basic level of technical knowledge needed to work toward your certification goals.

"I would definitely say the AV Technologist test was a stepping stone toward earning my CTS and was in fact the beginning of my preparation."
—Ben Lizzotte, CTS

Step up to CTS

"I found the AV Technologist test useful, and related well to the Essentials of AV. Plus, it acted as a stepping stone to take my CTS. As someone new to AV, it helped me learn some of the fundamentals and key principles to take forward into the main exam."
—David Beaumont, CTS, Project Engineer, AVMI

David Beaumont

*Remember: You are not required to take any classes or purchase any products to earn the CTS, nor does your enrollment guarantee that you will pass the exam. This is just one option that has worked for some CTS candidates.


Expanding Horizons

Learn how the AV Technologist Certificate is helped this AV professional earn his CTS and see the possibilities of AV technology.

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Certificate vs CTS Program

What's the difference between the AV Technologist Certificate and the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Programs?

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AV Technologist Certificate Program

Not ready for a CTS Exam? Show clients and potential employers that you have achieved a basic level of technical knowledge by earning the AV Technologist Certificate. Free for AVIXA members.

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