The CTS® certification exams go through periodic analysis for testing validity and content changes based on ANSI/ISO requirements.

Every five years, as part of our accreditation, all three CTS exams go through a review process by volunteer CTS holders, analyzing the exam content and relevance to job tasks. This results in modified exam content outlines for each exam so they remain valid and relevant to the industry.

Here are overviews of the changes for each exam:

CTS General


Candidates are no longer tested on sales and finance tasks in the new version of the CTS exam. CTS holders in the focus group agreed that the majority of CTS holders do not perform sales or finance functions, and the survey sent to CTS holders validated the changes.

No job tasks were added.

CTS Candidate Handbook 

CTS Job Task Analysis

View CTS Exam Changes in detail

CTS-D Design


Candidates are no longer tested on some job tasks, and a section of the exam has been renamed to better indicate that it focuses on working with other disciplines to create project documentation.

No job tasks were added.

CTS-D Candidate Handbook 

CTS-D Job Task Analysis 

View CTS-D Exam Changes in detail

CTS-I Installation


Candidates are no longer tested on performing site cleanup.

No job tasks were added.

CTS-I Candidate Handbook 

CTS-I Job Task Analysis 

View CTS-I Exam Changes in detail



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