The Future of Education
For years flexible learning spaces have undergone rapid evolutions to accommodate new styles of learning. AV technology is at the center of these changes both as the impetus to create more interactive classroom experiences and as a reflection of the tools and knowledge sources central to learning. 
Now this technology is even more essential in a remote-learning landscape in the pandemic. But alongside the functional nature of the tech-centric classroom, there is also a human-centric shift that is occurring. How can we demystify technology for teachers and ask questions about usability? And what are the ways that AV and media tools can be used to harness the potential of narrative in learning?
TIDE Generator Host Kirsten Nelson speaks with Margot Douaihy, Ph.D., a writer, editor and analyst who teachers at Franklin Pierce University, and Francesa Birks, Global Insights Leader with a worldwide architecture firm to talk about the numerous ways technology is reshaping the classroom experience in K-12 and higher education.