In terms of changing interactive elements of experience design, how will 3D printing change the way projects are built and realized? There has been a lot of interest in 3D printing from the design and prototyping side of AV and AV practitioners well-versed in 3D modeling have the potential to monetize additive manufacturing during a time when projects are slowed and events are canceled.

TIDE Generator host and AVIXA Content Producer Kirsten Nelson chats with three experts:

Christina Perla
Co-Founder and CEO

Victoria Bill
Director, MakerSpace LAB
New York University Tandon School of Engineering

James Patten
Director and Principal
Patten Studio

Looking at all the angles from education, production and experience design, the guests explored what’s new in 3D printing materials and interdisciplinary collaborations, how it’s changing design and production, and what's ahead in terms of new and cool uses for interactive experiences.

Discussion Link: Women in 3D Printing