This use of standard network protocols allows the use of almost any standard networking equipment to be used as and AV distribution system. However, as suited a multicast seems for media distribution, there is a limit to the scalability of high bandwidth multicast media networks due to the possibility of flooding links between networks or network devices since there is no mechanism within the multicast standards to coordinate or limit the number of multicast streams requested from receivers on the upstream side of the link. 

Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I, Solutions Architect, AVCoIP, LLC

Paul is a multi-disciplined generalist with 30 years of experience designing and integrating IT, telecommunications and audiovisual (AV) solutions.
His varied specialties include: Solutions architecture, video transport over telecommunications networks, IT security accreditation and mitigation (especially US DoD), network protocols and standards, design for scalability, design for security, design for maintainability, technical documentation and technical education.

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