It is no secret that the most successful hotels with the most progressive marketing programs are promoting themselves very aggressively on social media. Particularly when it comes to attracting Millennials, social media is one of the most far-reaching and cost-effective sales and marketing tools.
Hotels are increasing their investment in content as the use of digital signage proliferates in the hospitality industry – in hotel lobbies, restaurants, meeting rooms, and elevators – to promote special offerings and events to their guests. More and more, hotels are looking to repurpose this promotional content on social media to reach a wider audience. 
This webinar discusses how hotels are creating content for social media and digital signage right now and what AV professionals need to know to support hoteliers growing digital signage and content needs.

richtuckwell.jpegRich Tuckwell-Skuda, President North America, Avvio

Laura Koss- Feder

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