A special Center Stage interview with Heather Shaw, the founder and CEO of Vita Motus, a multidisciplinary design studio that is perpetually reinventing how we experience live music events. On one level, Shaw creates stage designs, changing the landscape of festivals and tours with visually stunning constructions. Beyond that, she is redefining 'immersive' with every project, experimenting with visual, spatial and structural elements to realize unforgettable experiences. Her designs have to provide instantaneous marvel and then continue to enrapture over the course of several days of festival programming. How do location, duration and story influence her designs, and what can we learn about the future of events based on her work? Center Stage Program Director Kirsten Nelson will talk with Shaw about she translates the demands of music festivals, touring artists and major brands into visual and physical spectacle.

Kirsten Nelson, Program Director - Center Stage
Heather Shaw, CEO and Chief Designer - Vita Motus