Discover how the retail sector is embracing professional AV systems. This session will present a case study demonstrating how integrated audiovisual solutions are helping retailers transform the customer experience and the entire selling scenario by creating an immersive environment. In partnership with Procter & Gamble, Abudawood - P&G partner in Saudi Arabia designed and manages an Innovation Centre in Saudi Arabia to demonstrate their organization's commitment to innovation. They use the facility to conduct consumer focus groups, collaborate with clients and simulate realistic in-home or in-store conditions. Their goal is supporting their clients with research and development of innovative methods of doing business in their markets. Algohary and his Team in BTC achieves their objectives by embracing total integrated audiovisual solutions with a simple design, low costs and current technologies.
Viewers will learn:
* How the retail sector is embracing pro AV systems
* How to use AV to impress potential customers
* Innovative, practical and cost-effective ideas for AV integration solutions

Presented by Ahmed Algoahry, Senior Sales Engineer, Baud Telecom Company