At the University of Michigan College of LSA, instructional technologists inform the design of our instructional spaces based on the pedagogical needs of instructors. We also take input from our operations technicians and technical assistance staff in a holistic and iterative design process, which results in effective and easy to use spaces tailored to the people who use them: instructors and students. We will outline this process, showing how it has lead to innovations in learning spaces and customized products. We will show some of our designs, including some Team-Based Learning classrooms and our current AV podium design. We will also show some of our best tips and tools that have made our lives easier and safer, including tools for building podiums, versatile cart caddies that have sideways moving wheels, installing projectors in auditoriums with slanted floors and fixed seating and the 'rocket-powered projector launcher.' We will also share some challenges we currently face, and how we are currently addressing them, as well as some suggestions for products or practices we wished existed in the industry (or were more easily accessible). There is learning for all:
* University staff will learn tips and tricks to make their work safer, easier and more efficient. They will learn about a pedagogically-driven design process to make their instructional spaces more effective.
* Designers and System Integrators will learn about considerations and priorities higher education have for AV installations, such as total cost of ownership and use-case-scenario-based design.
* Equipment manufactures will learn about considerations a university would have in selecting components and systems, future trends in higher education AV, and yet-unfulfilled product niches sought by higher education.

John Stewart, Manager of Emerging Technologies, University of Michigan
John Jahn, CTS-D, CTS-I, AV Planning Engineer, University of Michigan College of Literature, Science and Architecture
Karl Aldag, Manager, Engineering & Design, University of Michigan