In higher education today, data analytics is a catalyst to systematically assessing the effectiveness of learning space designs. While university space leaders are getting increasingly creative and granular about capturing data from learning spaces, the overall adoption of data analytics for space design is rare. Drawing on specific examples championed at the University of Southern California, this mind-opener will demonstrate how and why big data can be used in higher education to transform spaces, and how it can be a strong communication strategy for stakeholder buy-in. USC's data visualization solution also consolidates AV management data such as room scheduling, room use, customer service, device usage, inventory, staffing, financial and project management data into one single place. The visualization strategies you'll learn in this session will help you tell the story behind your data. This session will:
* Provide an understanding of why big data in our domain is important for learning space design and operations management
* Use the USC Learning Environments department's data architecture roadmap a template for creating your own data visualization solution 
* Demonstrate the relationship between big data and storytelling, including how data can be used to shape and sell your AV department strategy