At Temple we have been using a resource management system for over 15 years, it has gone from something that many were dubious of to being depended on to provide a high level of technical support both proactively and re-actively for 465 rooms, in 44 buildings on five campuses and a sixth administrative site. Before using an RMS we were mostly reactive to issues with little opportunity to be proactive. The implementation of the RMS flipped that dynamic, we are now far more proactive with hardware maintenance and with the use of the web page, text and email alerts in place of phones NO support requests are missed, response time has been cut dramatically. In my opinion even though it was not the original intent of these products the 'Help' button is a very valuable feature, and it is often unused. Paired with VoIP and a VNC app 'remote' support can still have a very personal feel and provide support staff with options that I remember wishing we had. I can show you how we do it! 

Michael Field M.Ed, CTS, ACE, Manager of Technology Support, Classroom Technology Support, Computer Services