Title: Recommended Practices for Security in Networked AV Systems
 Status: Published
 Description: This Recommended Practice provides guidance and current best practices for securing networked AV systems. This includes recognizing risks in networked AV systems and developing a risk mitigation management plan to address those risks. The responsibility for developing such a plan should include AV staff, integrators, consultants, and manufacturers; each of whom have an important role in the process. Organizations that take the steps outlined in this recommended practice can form a baseline for establishing a robust AV security management program, regardless of their size or experience.
 Publication Date: June 2018
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 Keywords: Audiovisual; audiovisual system; AV equipment; AV installation; AV system; network security
 Task Group Members:  Richard Morrison, CTS, AECOM
   Jason Dalton, CTS-I, BAE Systems
   Greg Bronson, CTS-D, Cornell University Ithaca
   Toine Leerentveld, Crestron Electronics, Inc.
   Stuart Mitchell, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
   Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I, Harman Pro Group
   David Samura, International Criminal Court
   John Monitto, CTS, Meyer Sound
   Jim Smith, CTS-D, Sound Control Technologies
   Pomona Valero, CTS, PITM Consulting


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