AV/IT Infrastructure Guidelines for Courts is an exclusive free resource from AVIXA and AIA that can be used by architects and engineers to plan and design AV/IT infrastructure in courthouses. Technologists, judges, court administrators, or any of the many specialists working to integrate technology into judicial facility design can also benefit from this guide that has been adopted by the American Bar Association.

It addresses common issues and situations that occur in the project lifecycle including needs assessment, evidence display options, and maintenance. Although there is concentration on courtroom environments, it also deals with courthouses and many of the other spaces as well as justice partner facilities.

Additionally, this guide provides guidance for creation of aesthetically pleasing, functional facilities characterized by professional integration of technology with furniture and interior designs.

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Overview of the Courts and Related Justice Agencies
  • Chapter 3: Courtroom Technologies
  • Chapter 4: The Needs Assessment Process
  • Chapter 5: Design Details and Needs for Technology-Enabled Courtrooms
  • Chapter 6: Architectural Design to Support Technology Infrastructure
  • Chapter 7: Courthouse Infrastructure Planning
  • Chapter 8: Building Systems Affected by AV/IT Technology
  • Chapter 9: Type of Construction: New and Renovation
  • Chapter 10: Maintenance
  • Chapter 11: Training


  • Appendix A: Evidence and Videoconference Display Options
  • Appendix B: Needs Assessment for Remote First Appearance and Arraignment
  • Appendix C: Needs Assessment Documentation
  • Appendix D: The Center for Legal and Court Technology
  • Appendix E: Common Courtroom Technologies in International Tribunals
  • Appendix F: Glossary

AV/IT Infrastructure Built Environment Task Force

  • Jennifer Willard, CTS, Administrative Office of the Courts of California (Chair)
  • Jay Farbstein, Ph.D., FAIA, Jay Farbstein & Associates, Inc.
  • John Greacen, Greacen Associates, Inc.
  • Martin Gruen, William & Mary School of Law
  • Frederic Lederer, William & Mary School of Law
  • Donald Palmer, Civilian Sector - Federal Government
  • Emma Rowden, University of Western Sydney
  • David Samura, International Criminal Court
  • Bob Schwartz, FAIA, LEED BD+C, HOK, Inc.
  • J. Dickson Stewart, CTS-D, Electronic Interiors, Inc

AVIXA gratefully acknowledges the leadership of the following organizations for reviewing this document prior to publication. Their efforts resulted in a more valuable resource for readers around the world, and we appreciate their contributions.


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