Transformando os espaços de trabalho


Transformação Digital


Licitação Pública na Prática


Entretenimento através do Planejamento Integrado em Tecnologias Teatrais


Este seminário da AVIXA vem discutir a importância cada vez mais latente do planejamento e projeto dos eventos com todos os sistemas integrados.

Soluções de Paineis de LED e Mercados Verticais


Este webinar abordará um panorama mundial de aplicação mercados e linha de painel de LED

Ambientes colaborativos em pequenas salas de reunião


A tecnologia de colaboração para salas de reunião avança rapidamente.

Planejando a programação do software em sistemas integrados


Este seminário tem como objetivo mostrar os tipos de software existentes no mercado de sistemas integrados, assim como explanar o processo detalhado no desenvolvimento do software em todas as suas etapas.

Transformação Digital


Este seminário virtual da AVIXA abordará sobre o novo mundo digital e suas transformações nos negócios

Integração AV em Edifícios Inteligentes


Este seminário fala da importância dos recursos audiovisuais para se melhorar a experiência do usuário no edifício inteligente, e como se pode integrar as diversas tecnologias para atingir este objetivo.

O marketing como ferramenta de vendas


Neste seminário você vai conhecer as novidades e como as ferramentas de marketing podem ajudar você a vender mais e melhor para os seus clientes finais.

Workplace Transformation - o futuro dos espaços de trabalho


As tendências do futuro dos espaços de trabalho estão influenciando os projetos dos empreendimentos corporativos baseado principalmente nos seguintes pilares: mobilidade, flexibilidade, colaboração, sustentabilidade e qualidade de vida.

Oportunidades em AV - como ter êxito em um setor em constante ascensão


Para se destacar no mercado audiovisual, precisamos estar cada dia mais preparados, em contato com pessoas que nos façam crescer, entregando um trabalho de qualidade baseado em Normas Técnicas internacionalmente reconhecidas e aprovadas.

Tecnologia Humanizada para gerar resultados exponenciais


Este webinar tem como objetivo fazer com que as empresas altamente tecnologicas percebam a importância de também cuidar do lado humano da tecnologia.

Explorando as novidades da AVIXA para 2019 [PT]


Neste webinar você vai saber tudo o que a AVIXA planejou para o Brasil em 2019 - novos cursos presenciais, as novidades para a feira TecnoMultimidia InfoComm, etc.

The Business Advantage of Inclusive Language


The AVIXA Diversity Council presents the purpose and value of inclusive language in AV business. A panel consisting of representatives from some of the main organization types that are involved in audiovisual implementations (the Consultant, the Digital Network & Software provider, the Audio Manufacturer, and the Systems Integrator), will explore the business values of enabling inclusive language in business practices and documentation.

Didattica, eventi, meeting: il ruolo delle tecnologie tra sfide e opportunità. In collaborazione con SIEC


Come stanno cambiando le tecnologie integrate in ambito AV per la necessità di connettere gli utenti da siti remoti? Andremo a confrontare le varie modalità di gestione non in presenza di conferenze, meeting, didattica, eventi.

Level Up! Transition to Distance Learning and Remote Working: Tips and Tricks for a Better Distance Experience with Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA


In this session, AVIXA's Chuck Espinoza has discussed some of the best practices of an Audiovisual setup for individual video conferencing and some of the simple things we can do, to insure we have a good quality and consistent experience, every time we communicate to other remote partners.

Installationen von digitalen Lautsprechern auch mit begrenzten IP-Kenntnissen entwerfen und implementieren


In wenigen Jahren werden IP Lautsprecher den AV Markt stark verändert haben. In diesem Webinar teilen Experten in IP Audiotechnik ihr Fachwissen über die Installation von digitalen Audiolösungen.

Flexible Compute for AV with Intel


Join us as we discuss with key partners how flexible Intel computing works for them and their business with real-world examples.

Extending Your Service Model to Manage Remote Devices to the Hardware


Intel will present an overview of their Active Management Technology (AMT) and how it can remotely support and fix remote signage, interactive kiosks and more!

Sapere, tecnologie e conoscenza: una continua evoluzione


L’evoluzione della tecnologia ha accompagnato per secoli le modalità di conservazione e trasmissione del sapere, fino a rivoluzionare il concetto di quest’ultimo. Oggi la pandemia ha accelerato il processo di digitalizzazione in diversi ambiti, compreso quello universitario.

Level Up! Touchless Audio & Control – How can we utilise the right microphones for a new and ever changing world? with Inesh Patel, Sennheiser


In this Session, Inesh Patel talks about how can we utilise the right microphones for a new and ever changing world? with Inesh Patel, Sennheiser

Level Up! IP Speakers Demystified: How to design and implement almost any audio infrastructure with IP speakers with Davide Nossa, Barix


This session with Davide Nossa covers designing and installing audio infrastructures using IP speakers instead of traditional audio matrix installations.

DSO Webinar: Creating safer corporate workspaces with digital signage and IP-based technologies


AVIXA presented this DSO session on how digital signage and IP video improve corporate communications.

Digital Signage Power Hour: Commercial Real Estate Creates Digital Experiences


In this webinar, industry experts will discuss how direct view LED and complementary technologies are being used, as well as the creative thinking, execution and implications behind project. We'll discuss some key projects and outcomes, costs and challenges.

Level Up! Simplifying AVoIP Deployments – "Even my nan could do this now!" with Kieran Purdie, Netgear


In this session Kieran Purdie has talked through the IP protocols and requirements that make AVoIP deployments work and demonstrate how you can take your deployments to a whole new level of power and simplicity.

Digitalisierung der Schulen - Herausforderungen und Vorgehensweisen im modernen AV-Buisness


Die Digitalisierung von Schulen ist seit Jahren nicht nur in Deutschland ein Dauerthema, dass jeden betrifft – sei es als Eltern, als zukünftige Arbeitgeber der heranwachsenden Generation oder als Systemintegrator wie auch als Planer.

A New Way to Upgrade Installations of PA and BGM Speaker to IP Speakers


In this webinar, we will present how to make (almost) any existing speaker into an IP speaker. Provide a blueprint of an IP speaker setup while disclosing functions and the single most important element of any IP speaker.

Smart Buildings Power Hour: Energy


Energy savings and energy management remain the Number One driver of smart building adoption: it’s all about the ROI from cost-savings. On top of explaining the latest in BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems), we’ll explain what AV/IT integrators need to know about BEMS integration.

AV in the World of IoT Driving Digital Transformation


Join us as we discuss the opportunities and implications these inflections will have in the AV space and how you can partner with Intel in IoT and AV with testimonies from Techdata Maverick as a key solution aggregator from our ecosystem.

Level Up! Packets, Ports and Protocols: An Introduction to the OSI Model with Stuart Willcocks, Google.


This Session gives a comprehensive overview on the OSI model, covering Ethernet, IP and TCP/UDP, as well as the differences between switches and routers and has a brief look into packet analysis using open source “sniffer” software.

Transition to Distance Learning and Remote Working


In this session, we will discuss some of the best practices of an Audiovisual setup for individual video conferencing and some of the simple things we can do, to insure we have a good quality and consistent experience, every time we communicate to other remote partners.

Digital Signage Organisation Retail Webinar


AVIXA presented this DSO round table focusing on customer experience and the opportunity for signage in the retail market now and beyond.

Innovation at the AV Endpoint with IoT


As IoT sensors and connected devices become more prevalent, smart spaces will become more abundant in AV applications. The applications for IoT in AV marketing are abundant! Join us in exploring the market opportunity, key drivers and applications.

Smart Buildings Power Hour: Wireless & Security


This webinar will cover In-Building Wireless (IBW), a broad term that encompasses different wireless technologies, strategies and solutions. Infrastructure distributors will talk about their real-life experiences in choosing and installing overlapping wireless systems in commercial buildings. You’ll learn about the immense changes that 5G will bring and the impact of the new WiFi 6, the increasingly popular wireless mesh, the underestimated Li-fi and more.

Digital Signage Power Hour: Why Drive-Thru Lane Displays Are Mission-Critical To QSRs


In this webinar, industry experts will discuss why digital signage has quickly grown fundamental to QSR operations, and increasingly so for fast casual operators. Panelists will discuss how displays and intelligent software are being used to engage, inform and transact with customers. Viewers will also learn how digital signage is being used behind the scenes to inform and train staff, and better monitor and manage the fast-growing delivery sides of their businesses.

Choosing the Right Event


When it comes down to free, video, webinar or full-scale event – the decision on how to plan simply cannot be made without reviewing the numbers and making educated decisions for your client’s (or business’s) ROI.

Smart Buildings Power Hour: Control & Backbone


This webinar will cover the current state of building management systems (BMS), the push to open standards and the emerging IP-based building systems architecture. Building management will benefit from advances in Artificial intelligence (AI) which can not only automate buildings but also to make buildings adaptive, smart, and agile.

Alla scoperta dell'USB 3.2: caratteristiche e potenzialità del nuovo standard


I produttori si apprestano a invadere il mercato con TV a risoluzione 8K, ma si tratta di una tecnologia realmente innovativa che può settare nuovi standard sul mercato?

Unraveling Audio Networking: An In-Depth Look at Dante, AVB and MADI


This presentation will look into the advantages each system - Dante, AVB and MADI - has to offer, what they are, where and how they are used, and answer any questions the participants have.

Smart Buildings Power Hour: Opportunity & Market


In this introduction to our AVIXA POWER HOUR series on Smart Buildings, we’ll be talking about a new decade in smart building, and the opportunities for systems integrators, distributors, consultants, architects, and building owners.

Digital Signange Power Hour: The Future is LED/Micro LED


In this AVIXA Digital Signage Power Hour, top manufacturers and industry insiders discuss the current state of LED, the evolving technologies, and the new, innovative ways they're being applied. We'll try to clear the fog on confusing terms like micro versus mini LED, and also discuss what's still coming.

Back to Business: Achieving Safe, Agile and Connected Workplaces With Technology


Join Elo for a live webinar focused on collaboration as we adapt to the 'new normal', presented by Kristin Roubie, Channel Sales Manager, Interactive Solutions at Elo. Agile or adaptable workplaces are an important part of the new normal as remote communication alone cannot accommodate the need for all interaction in business and education.

Reimagining Audio and Acoustics for Sports Venues


Now that teams are playing in empty stadiums and arenas, how are audio and acoustic solutions adapting to improve the experience for players and audiences at home? Venues and team management are trying to balance the need for crowd noise to boost the on-field feeling while also creating a realistic effect for broadcast mixes.

L’era dei pannelli 8K: possiamo alzare i “pollici” verso l’alto?


I produttori si apprestano a invadere il mercato con TV a risoluzione 8K, ma si tratta di una tecnologia realmente innovativa che può settare nuovi standard sul mercato?

Yamaha’s New ADECIA Complete & Customizable Audio Solution


Learn more about Yamaha's ADECIA room solution - A family of products designed to be easily installed and work seamlessly together to provide complete and customizable communications solutions.

Experiencing Audio in 2020


We’ll take a look at the traditional roles manufacturers, consultants, and integrators play in creating, designing, and deploying audio, and how they have had to evolve with the changing times and how we can convert these new challenges into audio opportunities!

VIA Wireless Presentation Solutions: The Next Level


In this webinar, we'll take a look at how VIA has not only improved its core functionality but added thoughtful, user-driven features to allow the products to be used in so many different applications. If you think you know VIA, or you've seen it before - it's time to take another look.

AV Business Management 101: How to Keep Your Projects on Track with Software


In this webinar, simPRO presents best practices in using software to easily keep AV projects on time and on budget. Experience a detailed walk through of software features for project management, estimating, progress billing, reporting and more. At the end of the presentation, participate in a live Q&A with simPRO Business Development Manager Nick Carter.

Showing Your Customers the 7 Keys to Building a Collaborative Culture


In this webinar we will challenge you with some of the most thought-provoking concepts on how to take a space from communicating ideas to turning a group into a true collective that correlates ideas and fully collaborates using AV/IT as the catalyst for change.

Digital Signage Power Hour - August 2020


In this special roundtable, we'll have a frank discussion with industry leaders who have tried virtual shows and conferences, to learn what works and doesn't work, look at new ideas, and talk about how to best connect buyers, sellers and business partners until the pandemic is behind us all.

Practical Tips for Improving Virtual & Live Experiences


Event design has always been the foundation for successful events. Designing for live, virtual and hybrid is more important now than ever as organizations look to keep their audiences engaged, energized and coming back for more.

Planning a Safe Show? This is What You Need to Know


The IATSE has been working with professionals to establish guidelines and baselines for that eventuality. This panel will discuss the work done to date and help focus the discussions taking place about how and when we can get back to work.

The Impact of Industry Consolidation on the ProAV Marketplace


Being the target of acquisitions, or by acquiring talent and customers in the aftermath of an acquisition, small and medium Pro AV businesses will undoubtedly benefit from the ongoing consolidation. Conversely however, it is not uncommon for industry consolidation to lead to unintended casualties. Market participants that don’t enhance their capabilities, increase managed services revenue or anticipate disruptive change will likely find themselves on the outside looking in.

Integrating KVM into the Control Room


This is an overview of RGB Spectrum as a manufacturer. This RGB Spectrum and AVIXA presentation will further educate and inform the attendees of the latest tools and techniques for KVM extension.

A Look Inside the Immersive Event Spaces at AREA15


Get a sneak peek inside the portal to AREA15, the world’s first purpose-built immersive entertainment complex offering live events, activations, monumental art installations, extraordinary design elements, groundbreaking technology, bars and eateries and much more.

Pervasive Team Communications in a Post-COVID World, Powered by Appspace


Using Appspace's team communications solutions integrated into apps and devices you use every day such as Slack, Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Workplace as well as workplace displays, we'll walk you through how to use technology to communicate more effectively.

Workflow Optimization for the Entertainment Industry


Join Eric Girard, technical director at Cramer, for a case-study-style webinar focused on a corporate event at the Foxwoods Casino where his team seamlessly integrated rigging, lighting, sound, projection, staging, and LEDs. Tune in for workflow tips and tricks to reduce errors and increase your productivity.

Fremont Street Experience Renovation Case Study


See how the leading-edge AV technology driving the Fremont Street Experience Viva Vision Canopy was built. You will hear about the challenges and specifications surrounding the process of designing and building the world’s largest LED screen. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how light, sound and incredible content design converge to provide an unforgettable experience at an attraction visited annually by over 20 million people.

The Importance of Video Collaboration In A Changing World


Aurangzeb Khan, SVP of Intelligent Vision Systems at Jabra, discusses why video is crucial in enterprise and how to work effectively in distributed teams. We’ll also be discussing the things to consider in your digital transformation to make sure you’re using video collaboration technology to its full potential in order to gain a competitive advantage.

AVIXA and Shop! Webinar: Leveraging Generative Content to Create Immersive Retail Destinations


In this webinar, AVIXA gathered retail and experiential design experts to discuss generative content in retail environments and more.

AIA and AVIXA Webinar: Upgrading Your Architectural Toolkit with AV Tech


This panel session, moderated by AVIXA, gathers experts from the fields of architecture and technology to discuss the ways the latest audiovisual and digital technologies are being used.

Enhancing the Post-COVID-19 Retail Environment with AV Technology


In this webinar, Todd Dittman, Executive Directors of Shop! Environments Association will share current examples for how AV Technology is currently being used to help enhance the new in-store environment in this post-COVID-19 world.

How to Optimize Production Rental Warehouse Operations


The most valuable asset in a warehouse is open floorspace. It is needed to prepare orders, scan products, perform quality control functions, and to load and unload trucks. This session will demonstrate how operational "common sense" has things all wrong.

Choosing the Right dvLED Display for Your Application


This webinar is designed to equip end users with both the technical vocabulary and the relevant application considerations to evaluate the wide array of dvLED displays available in the current market.

Be the BOSS of Your Career by treating it like a business


Are you struggling with advancing in your career? Do you want to up level to being the boss? This session will give you insights to all these questions, plus a plan of attack to move you in the right direction. Start saying, “I can do this!” instead of “I don’t know how.”

Structured Cable for Audio Video Systems


As more and more AV technology joins the network it is crucial to provide a reliable and robust cable plant to support it. Learn the rules, the best practices, and the importance of certification of the infrastructure and how it lends to the success of the operation of the system.

The Casino of The Future: The LINQ Hotel + Experience Case Study


The LINQ Hotel + Experience, completed June 2019, is the casino of the future, merging augmented digital art with audiovisual experiences. DATALAND features over 160 displays and several thousand square feet of Unilumin LED in this first-of-its-kind AV system and showcases designs by media artist Refik Anadol.

Design and Specification for a cloud Digital Signage project using SpinetiX ARYA


In this webinar, George Preston of SpinetiX will step through a sample project design, explaining how and what to specify, what to suggest to the customer, and how to offer all the required services. The chosen hardware is the SpinetiX HMP400, with the modular ARYA Enterprise Cloud and Elementi software providing the features, user interface and expert design tools.

Kramer Control - Cloud-Based Control and Automation Platform


During this webinar we will discuss how Kramer Control is using the cloud to bring revolutionary technology to change how we install, program, maintain, and update pro AV control systems. See how many of the control system tasks that would normally require on-site support can now be completed from the comfort of your own home!

What Makes Kramer VIA Family of Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Solutions


Join us for this in-depth look at our VIA Family of Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Solutions. Want to know why VIA is one of the industries most awarded and recognized wireless connectivity and collaboration systems? Join us as we examine what makes VIA solutions different from so many other “similar” products, and uncover why VIA remains the world’s most powerful and dynamic connectivity, collaboration and conferencing solution in the market today.

Level Up! Online: Exterity: IPTV & Digital Signage Essentials


Managing UC in COVID-19 Era, Lessons From a Global Tech Leader


In this webinar, we’ll chat with Liam McDonough, Lead Collaboration Engineer at Facebook around many topics including scaling and maintaining one of the largest collaboration networks in the world, how collaboration and collaboration downtime impacts company business, and how analytics are essential for maximum uptime.

How Today's Museums Engage Audiences with State-of-the-Art AV


Using state-of-the-art AV, including video walls and interactive displays, several high-profile museums, including the Basketball Hall of Fame, Tennessee State Museum, National Law Enforcement Museum, and the soon to be opened National Museum of the United States Army, have implemented advanced AV systems that are designed to attract, keep the interest and pique the curiosity of today’s visitors.

Enterprise AV Series: Using Actionable Intelligence to Deliver ROI


In this case study, we’ll review the details of how a global software company was able to use management and monitoring of its 2000 room enterprise to measure and make more informed decisions around its real estate and collaboration technology decisions.

Manufacturer Webinar: Campus-Wide RF: Solutions for our Changing World


In this one-hour course, we will cover design and deployment strategies for large quantities of wireless microphones in a campus setting (Educational or Corporate).

Improving Mental Fitness And Managing Mental Afflictions


Designed by Mindful Solutions founder, Anastasia Agramonte in conjunction with the AVIXA Diversity council (who represents neurological diversity) & the AVIXA Women's Council to help the AV community manage the stresses & mental afflictions that have emanated from COVID-19 and are pre-existing.

Leveraging Meeting Space Data Analytics


In this discussion, we will consider a sample analytics report. We will also talk about how it can be used to make smarter system design decisions, more effectively deploy meeting spaces across campuses, and improve the overall user experience.

Explore the Future of Virtual Learning and Collaboration


This webinar will cover enterprise-grade virtual classrooms and collaboration rooms, where remote attendees experience and participate in everything that is taking place in the live meeting room — ultimately enhancing team productivity across the globe.

Enterprise AV Series: Understanding the Modern Workplace Through Meeting Analytics


In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate one such system called Solstice Cloud - that allows users of the Solstice Pod to better understand their own workplace needs. This case study will focus on one Solstice Cloud user - the world’s largest co-working company - and insights they have gained by looking closely at the data Solstice Cloud produces from more than 3,000 conference rooms worldwide.

Enterprise AV Series: Measuring Collaborative Performance in a Transitioning World


Increased collaboration will lead to faster, better decisions and solutions which will boost productivity and result in better financial results. Through data, one can now see if efforts to break down silos or to strengthen the relationship between locations are bearing fruit and how effective people are working from home.

Achieving Videoconferencing Success


In this session, we'll share Nemertes' latest research into how the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the video landscape and share the characteristics of organizations that have achieved measurable success in realizing positive return on investment, high rates of utilization, and a fully engaged remote workforce.

What Is High Quality DSP & Why You Shouldn’t Have a Video Conference Without It


Over the years, digital signal processing technology has evolved. Today’s top DSP performers deploy architecture far different from the conventional DSP processors. Join us for a live session as we go “underneath the hood” of DSP technology to understand how capabilities have evolved, and how they will continue to evolve. Find out how these trends are impacting you.

Sponsored Webinar: ProjX360 Work Flow


ProjX360 is the Custom Integration Industries end-to-end SaaS management solution. We can manage your projects from the sales process to creating proposals and management of the project through service, plus inventory all within one software platform. Our mobile friendly interface allows all your employees easy access to our cloud-based software from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Level Up! Online: Matrox: Scaling in AV — If It's So Simple, Why Do So Many Go Wrong?


Level Up! Online: University of Aalborg: Designing Distance Learning Classrooms Using AVIXA Standards


Select the Right Microphone for Conferences, Meetings, and Working From Home


From tabletop microphones, goose-neck microphones, belt-packs and handhelds, to ceiling or wall mounted microphone arrays – the market offers a myriad of different microphones for use in conferences and meetings. This webinar helps decision makers to select the right microphone type for their requirements.

CTS Workshop Online: 3. Réseau - Première partie


La méthode de transmission AV sur IP est de plus en plus répandue: pour mieux comprendre son fonctionnement et permettre une étude plus approfondie, nous analyserons les différents aspects liés au réseau et tous les concepts informatiques fondamentaux.

Learn about Sony’s New Intelligent Settings for its Laser Projector Series


With efficient Z-Phosphor™ laser operation, 3LCD BrightEra® performance and Reality Creation image quality, Sony’s laser projectors have always been the wise choice. Now our exclusive Intelligent Settings feature makes them even smarter — with simplified setup, and automatic tailoring for brightness, color and cooling to suit your specific application.

Returning to the Workplace in a World of Heightened Sensory Awareness


COVID-19 will not only change the way we work, it will change how we interact with people and physical objects. Over the past 2 years HOK has been researching neurodiversity in the workplace and how organizations need to rethink their space to be more inclusive, helping an increasingly neurodiverse workforce thrive. Join us as we explore how to help neurodivergents and neurotypicals thrive in the spaces they occupy.

eSports: Looking to the Future in the Post-Covid19 World


While eSports and gaming accelerate, looking into the future can prove difficult. Join our expert panel discussion as they dig into some of the key trends, challenges, and emerging windows in this always changing industry!

Level Up! Online: Sennheiser: Radio Frequencies Best Practice in a Nutshell


Can you count how many devices you use every day thanks to radio waves? From smart phones to laptops, GPS to Wi-Fi and more, we’ve come to harness this form of electromagnetic energy to create some amazing things. But while we use these devices each and every day, do we truly understand how they work?

CTS Workshop Online: 4. Réseau - Deuxième partie




Autonomi, ma in regola: l’importanza degli aspetti legali e di sicurezza per uno Smart Working sicuro e affidabile

Building Your Personal Brand Part 2 - Maximizing Social Media


Three industry influencers will delve deeper into building and repairing your personal brand on social media platforms.

Digital Signage Power Hour - Solving New Access Control Challenges


In this new Digital Signage Power Hour, we'll discuss the technologies - like portable displays, sensors, computer vision and smart software - that can automate or at least improve the access control process. We'll also talk about the costs and ROI model, and the technical challenges and limitations.

Level Up! Online - The Key Essentials of Media Over IP with Kieran Walsh


The move to media over IP is well underway. For some years, both audio and increasingly video signals are being transported across Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) infrastructure. Whilst this approach is proven, there are some common themes that recur for AV professionals dealing with an IT department.

Smart Solutions for the AV Workforce


TierPM provides insight on effective ways to take control of your current job situation as many people are currently being affected by lay-offs and furloughs in the audio visual industry. Now more than ever, it is crucial for professionals to understand how to take action and discover online or alternative opportunities.

Experiential AV: Interactive Media & Analytics


Learn about how you can use experiential engagement to create more impactful installations for your clients using machine-vision based interactivity. We'll cover how you can integrate experiential content into your LED wall, projection, or video wall.

Level Up! Online : M-Noise: A Test Signal and Method for Measuring Loudspeaker Performance for Music with Merlijn van Veen


Loudspeaker manufacturers, consultants, and end-users all rely on specifications to predict a loudspeaker’s performance in the field. Yet, these specifications can vary dramatically from one manufacturer to the next. Until recently, there has never been a test signal and procedure capable of accurately and objectively modeling a loudspeaker’s ability to reproduce the dynamic complexity of music under linear conditions.

CTS Workshop Online: 2. Loi d'Ohm, impédance et décibels


La loi d'Ohm joue un rôle fondamental dans le transport des signaux AV: grâce à elle, il est possible de déterminer la perte de signal et de mesurer le système correctement.

CTS Workshop Online #04 - Networking (seconda parte)


Il metodo di trasmissione AV over IP è sempre più diffuso: per capire meglio il suo funzionamento e permettere uno studio più approfondito, si analizzeranno i vari aspetti legati alla rete e tutti i concetti IT fondamentali. [In collaborazione con SIEC – Systems Integration Experience Community]

SMART WORKING: IL RITORNO DELLA PERSONA. La persona al centro per uno Smart Working veramente “agile”


Lo smart working è un processo di trasformazione sicuramente digitale ma prima di tutto culturale.

How Do We Ensure That Collaboration is Secure?


In this discussion, led by industry veteran David Danto, we will explore the risks, separate out the FUD, and discuss best practices for achieving and maintaining secure collaboration.

AV Powered Esports Arenas Bring a Whole New Game to Higher Ed


Event Work in the Time of COVID-19


The global pandemic has severely disrupted the live events industry, but those people may be the most well-positioned to thrive in this "new normal."

Sponsored Webinar: Peerless-AV Certified Installer Training Program Course: Video Wall Mounting Systems for Direct View LED Displays


This level provides instruction on direct view LED displays and video wall mounting systems. Participants will learn about direct view LED technology, the different types of mounting systems, and the benefits of these displays. The course will also focus on the installation of a direct view LED video wall from start to finish. This includes pre-planning, site survey, step-by-step instructions, and cabling of the displays. This course will also focus on best practices, and obstacle to overcome, to ensure the installation runs smoothly, regardless of the application.

CTS Workshop Online #03 - Networking (prima parte)


Il metodo di trasmissione AV over IP è sempre più diffuso: per capire meglio il suo funzionamento e permettere uno studio più approfondito, si analizzeranno i vari aspetti legati alla rete e tutti i concetti IT fondamentali.

Smart Working: La Tecnologia Colpisce Ancora


Presenti e Connessi: come sfruttare al meglio le tecnologie di comunicazione e collaborazione per uno Smart Working flessibile e innovativo.

Building Your Personal Brand During Challenging Situations


In this webinar, industry professionals will offer insights on how AV pros can build their personal brand while building on community, striking a balance between personal and business insights, and more.

CTS Workshop Online: 1. Format d’image et DISCAS


Le format d’image permet de comprendre les caractéristiques horizontales et verticales d'une image, DISCAS (Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems) est une norme AV qui vous permet de calculer les paramètres d'affichage et de résolution de l'image.

CTS Workshop Online #02 – Legge di Ohm, impedenza e decibel [IT]


L’impedenza di un sistema di amplificatori è fondamentale per determinarne la corretta installazione e massimizzarne l’output.

Talent Management Retention: How to Build the Team You Need for Success


The Profit and Payback of Your Top Talent: How to Build the Team You Need for Success

Ask Away: How We Did it in Live Events


Hear from live event professionals on lessons learned during the Great Recession.

Presented and Sponsored by Sony: Smarter Workplace Management


In this webinar, Chris Swartz will discuss the evolution of the workplace along with today’s challenges between many stakeholders with different priorities and the need for increased focus on performance, and ROI Technology creating complexity.

Digital Signage Power Hour


Our first Power Hour will focus on concerns, tactics and solutions for interactivity in retail and public spaces.

Higher Ed Tech Support


Hosted by the Technology Manager’s Council, join AVIXA to hear how your peers are managing the increased demands on technology support teams. Come prepared with the toughest problem you've faced as support personnel during the pandemic. This Q&A session is dedicated to sharing ideas for tackling the challenges facing technology managers in higher education right now.

CTS Workshop Online #01 - Aspect ratio e DISCAS [IT]


In questo contesto di rapida evoluzione di mercato, le tecnologie AVC svolgono un ruolo determinante in continua crescita per la naturale integrazione con altri impianti e sistemi presenti all’interno degli edifici.

Convergenza AV e IOT per la gestione di spazi smart [IT]


In questo contesto di rapida evoluzione di mercato, le tecnologie AVC svolgono un ruolo determinante in continua crescita per la naturale integrazione con altri impianti e sistemi presenti all’interno degli edifici.

Rewriting the Future: Emerging Video Trends for Corporate Events


With people told to work from home and stay away from others, the pandemic has deepened reliance on services from technology service providers, while accelerating trends that were already benefiting them. AV companies now have the opportunity to re‑imagine the online experience creatively and craft engaging customer experiences. In this webinar, we'll take a look at emerging online video trends for corporate events including virtual reality and live streaming.

Afraid to Speak Up? Move the Needle From Self Doubt


Life-Safety Concerns at Live Events are Eveyone's Responsibility


AV is often used for live events including concerts, theater, sporting events, expositions, corporate events and houses of worship, among others. How can we mitigate the risks and make those events safer for everyone involved? What responsibilities do AV people have when doing live events?

The New CARES Act Legislation: What You Need To Know


A discussion of emergency small business loans contemplated in the new CARES Act legislation, including who qualifies, how to apply, and considerations for small business lenders.

Venue of the Future: Hear from The Chase Center's AV Project Team


This webinar will focus on the audiovisual solutions and decisions that the design team considered over the course of this project.

Move over BYOD. It is Time for Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM).


In our most recent research on “The Future of Meetings,” we found a shifting preference for business technology that enables flexible, remote work environments and intuitive devices that allow users to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere they want. Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) is an extension of BYOD, allowing people to use familiar conferencing platforms more effectively. This webinar will explore how BYOM initiatives help organizations address the many dimensions of a highly effective Digital Workplace strategy.

Le tecnologie WEB-RTC AV over IP e BYOD applicate all’interpretariato in simultanea per eventi multilingua [IT]


Sulla scia della BYOD technology e del WEB-RTC A/V over IP, si fanno strada nuove modalità di concepire e realizzare i servizi di traduzione simultanea per eventi e conferenze.

Intro to Producing AV for Live Events


These days clients are asking their hospitality planners and decorators to manage an entire event, including the AV. This class is designed to introduce non-technical people to the basics of producing a show, concert, presentation, etc. We will look at the various components of a live event and introduce terminology so “show-business” and technology can be more familiar for non-technical folk.

Getting Technology a Seat at the Table


The Education Market Association (EDmarket) and AVIXA have seen a dramatic shift in the design process for new educational facilities in recent years. There is a convergence of technology, space and pedagogy that requires more thought and planning for the spaces to ultimately serve the needs of students and faculty. During this webinar we will explore the design process for new facilities, particularly in the higher ed space.

Streamlining Your Operation With Purpose-Built Software


This webinar is focused on the Live Events business and the critical decision all companies face when it comes to their Operational Management System (OMS) – do we build our own or buy an existing product? We will look at the pros and cons of both options, while looking at the practical issues required to keep your OMS running, and some of the technical and legal pitfalls to watch out for to protect your organization.

Webinar: AVoIP Needs Analysis


Transporting audio and video content across a network is a broad topic, from real time connections replacing a traditional AV matrix switch to cat videos on YouTube. There are multiple technologies which could be applied to any need. Choosing the right solution involves considering both the application and content attributes and narrowing down the technologies that do not support those attributes.

Presenting L-ISA: Reinventing the Live Sound Experience


Immersive sound is a growing buzzword in the industry, but what does this really mean and what are the benefits to performers and the audience? In this webinar we'll present an introduction to L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound via an exploration of over 600+ real world deployments.

Mavens Share the Power, Lead With Style & Build ROCK STARS!


Influential leadership is a philosophy that involves focusing on others by building better professional relationships that can benefit both the leader and the team member. Influential leadership means that individuals can be formal or informal leaders while boosting their employee’s confidence and furthering their success at the same time!

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