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What It Is

In the 2021 META: Pro-AV Channel Employment Report, we take a comprehensive approach to understanding jobs in the pro-AV sector. We start with a look at the macroeconomy and its impact on the labor market before launching a detailed dive into worker pay. As part of that dive, we compare pay around the world, between end users and providers, and by worker trait like education and experience. We then look at the most common worker skills and study the salary impact of certification. We close with an analysis beyond the dollars, measuring common benefits and worker satisfaction throughout the industry.

Who Should Read?

Anyone who seeks to hire skilled AV professionals will find the Channel Employment Report a must read to understand the employment landscape of this unique field.

How to Use?

The report provides key information to understanding the types of jobs and skills required by AV integration firms. As in years past, the compensation and benefits data provide a baseline of comparison for human resource efforts. All of this is crucial for resource planning within any provider firm.

What It Says?

  • Discover what you need to pay AV professionals to stay competitive, based on your region, their experience, the job role and more.
  • The pandemic has had many workforce impacts. Find out what that means for your business.
  • Are standards for workers higher or lower in the current climate?
  • Plus: Expanded international recruitment enabled great insight, including on skill differences by region.

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