• Type: Whitepaper
  • Date: November 2018

Hyatt Guest Room

The hospitality industry has raised its game considerably over the past decade. Whether it’s touchscreen kiosks for checking in, smartphone apps for controlling room functions, or wireless tablets for ordering food, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and clubs have gotten a lot “smarter” and more “connected.”

Hotels and restaurants have vigorously embraced AV technology, and not just to show off. Today’s guests are as concerned about “going green” as they are about having a great meal or vacation. Cutting-edge AV installations are often integrated with the hotel or restaurant’s local area network, serving AV content to and controlling multiple displays, speakers, lighting, and shades. And it’s all being done in a way that is unobtrusive; blending in with greenery, fountains and patios, drapes, and other interior and exterior decorations.

In this paper, we’ll look at five different ways that hotels, resorts, and restaurants can put the newest generation of audiovisual technology to work and better engage customers.