Date: 11/11/2020


Energy savings and energy management remain the Number One driver of smart building adoption: it’s all about the ROI from cost-savings. On top of explaining the latest in BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems), we’ll explain what AV/IT integrators need to know about BEMS integration.

We’ll feature a short talk by an expert on “All You Need to Know to Make an Old Building Sustainable.”

IoT connectivity changes the paradigm for building operations in many ways, not the least being how energy consumption can be measured and managed.

We’ll also explore the role of cloud-based energy management systems which will play a pivotal role in operations as buildings and plants transform to digital technology.

You’ll hear all about a new company that embeds control into the power transmission network inside buildings. They believe it solves all the gaps that hold back the broad adoption of smart building conveniences. 

Learning Objectives:

1) You’ll learn about the latest trends in energy management in the Smart Building market.
2) Energy is so important that several research projects show we need to get occupants aware and involved; we’ll learn what role integrators can play in engaging occupants.
3) For experts and newcomers alike, you’ll learn about what can be done to make older buildings more sustainable.


Derek_Cowburn Derek Cowburn

  • Derek Cowburn is CEO of LumenCache. With over 25 years in commercial and residential building management system experience,  Derek founded LumenCache in 2012. His invention is based on what he saw as the biggest transformation occuring in building technology since the internet and the power grid.
  • In a category by itself, LumenCache is not specifically PoE lighting, not specifically 24V, or 48V DC.  It's an open platforn that adapts to new technologies and standards.
  • LumenCache has been operating reliably in projects around the world since 2012 and has scaled up to meet the needs and demand of production home builders.
  • Derek also spent six years as an award-winning AV integrator based in Indianapolis, a Product Development Director for Rockwell Automation, and now lives in the electronics manufacturing capital of the world.

  • Elizabeth_NelsonElizabeth Nelson
    Co-Founder and Head of Innovation and Living Labs
    Smart Building Certification

  • Elizabeth Nelson, Co-Founder and Head of Innovation at Smart Building Certification is helping the industry by designing certification to award buildings that have the infrastructure in place to measure a building’s performance and behavior.
  • She is head of UP LAB, the research arm of UP THERE EVERYWHERE, a business transformation consultancy handling everything from market research to industry analysis and expert panels. 
  • She is a PhD Candidate and has just finished her dissertation on Wearable Technology.
  • Writer and biomedical engineer, Elizabeth Nelson's battle with burnout inspired her to become a pioneering scientific researcher and launch a crusade to transform office ecosystems. 
  • She is the author of The Healthy Office Revolution.

  • Sjur_UskenSjur Usken
    Founder and CEO

  • Sjur Usken is Founder and CEO of ClevAir, which enables legacy buildings to become autonomous, to prepare for the weather to come, to adjust conditions for the people in the building and to optimize all parts of ventilation, heating, cooling in the building.
  • Sjur has a Masters Degree in Industrial Economy and his last startup went from zero to 10 million euro in three years. 
  • He has been the founder of Creator Makerspace (in 2012 he built his own 3D printer from parts) and Startup Weekend NORWAY.
  • With more than 10 years of experience in the VoIP world, he started with VoIP testing at Uninett, one of the founders of Phonect which became the largest white-label operator in Norway within two years after start and became a part of the Honeynet Project focusing on VoIP security and frauds. 
  • He built his first LORA gateway in 2016.

    bob_snyderBob Snyder
    Channel Media 

  • Bob Snyder, Editor-in-Chief, Channel Media is the publisher of SmartBuilding. News, Digital Signage News EMEA, European Solution Provider and more. 
  • For the past 10 years, he has been the Content Chairman for the SMART BUILDING CONFERENCE at ISE.

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