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Date: 12/7/2017


The most important tool to ensure speech intelligibility – the microphone – is often the least prioritized during the design phase. This is because often, no one is actually listening to the space until the commissioning phase. By this time, it’s too late. No other single piece of equipment is as important as the microphone in maximizing intelligibility in any type of space – perfect or imperfect.

How can we use end-user input to assist us in designing the intent of the space? Instead of value engineering, is it possible to use a premium microphone solution and get the best ROI? Designing a conference space is similar in many ways to producing a live show. The result will involve multiple design partners and the sound must be clear, accurate and understood by all participants. Microphones solutions that transmit all elements of sound transparently should be prioritized. Then and only then, will conference spaces be optimized for business and shrug off the intelligibility issues that plague them. 

Do you want to make your conference microphone system successful and profitable? This presentation will point you in the right direction.


Gabriel Antonini, Business Development Manager, DPA Microphones

Eddy B. Brixen, Audio Specialist, DPA Microphones