Date: 6/1/2017


This highly-interactive FREE webinar will provide easy-to-understand insights on the four parts of our PRESence model, which consists of the skills that every professional needs to communicate with impact:

Present: Being in the moment, flexible and focused, and aware of your surroundings Reach Out: Building relationships through empathy and listening. Expressive: Appropriate and compelling use of emotion, voice, body language, and narrative Self-Knowing: Having self-awareness of your values, strengths, and challenges

Presence is the ability to connect authentically with others in order to motivate them toward a desired outcome. Presence is what can help your professionals at every level connect, influence, and communicate with impact.

The Ariel Group believes that by starting to build presence skills earlier, a more diverse variety of individuals can make it to the top. Organizations can experience higher levels of performance at all levels while building leadership capacity for the future.


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