Date: 11/12/2020
Sponsored by: BARIX


In this webinar, we present:

1. How to make (almost) any existing speaker into an IP speaker
2. Blueprint of an IP speaker setup
3. The single most important element of any IP speaker
4. Functions that make an IP speaker more valuable
5. Why use the IP Former vs. Traditional audio systems
6. Configuration options and time to install
7. Detailed explanation of the devices capabilities
8. Use case examples 


Davide_NossaDavide Nossa
Product Manager

  • Davide Nossa is an audio expert in both the analog hi-fi world and IP audio technology. 
  • He established himself in a renowned music recording studio as an engineer, and has gained extensive experience in audio installations. 
  • His experience with both analog and digital solutions gives him deep insights into the requirements of music and PA installers in their transition to IP audio. 
  • Today he is driving multiple forward-looking product developments at Barix.

  • reto_braderReto Brader

  • Reto Brader has gained 20 years of experience in building customer-centric solutions. 
  • He earned a wide knowledge in technology, starting in Product Marketing at Hewlett Packard.  
  • As the responsible for the growth of Pixelmetrix, an AV startup, he was the perfect fit into Barix’s audio over IP environment. 
  • Working as the CEO of Barix since 2018 enabled the company to leverage its great technological capabilities to continue the story of engineering-driven innovation.

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