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The Intelligent Buildings Council (IBC), a core working council of CABA, commissioned this landmark research project to obtain, on behalf of the Council members and the intelligent building industry stakeholders, a comprehensive understanding of the practices, challenges, process influencers, and opportunities pertaining to intelligent building design and implementation. AVIXA served on the steering committee for this project.

Key Focus Areas

  • Evaluating the benefits of adopting proper design and implementation practices
  • Understanding various design processes currently in use and the ways to improve their adoption
  • Addressing issues and challenges propagated by value chain participants and determining ways to mitigate them
  • Seeking opportunities for collaborations and partnerships to address common challenges

Key Takeaways

  • The architect, design build contractor, and technology consultant are the top partners in determining the standards and specifications of an IB project.
  • The contractor typically assumes all technology procurement responsibility, while actual decisions on what to procure are often incumbent upon what the project fulfillment partners decide in conjunction with the building owner, causing fragmentation in fulfillment.
  • Core challenges in intelligent building design include communication issues, sources of capital (CAPEX vs. OPEX), conflict resolution, improper expectation setting, and the inadequate training of resources.

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