2019 MOAR Report: Corporate Events

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What It Is

AVIXA’s MOAR: Corporate Events investigates the opportunities and challenges offered by performances to providers of pro-AV solutions and technologies.

Who Should Read?

AV solutions providers who are either currently serving corporate event clients or have interest in doing so. Facilities and event managers within specific venues may also be interested to learn more about how the provider community seeks to help them address their technology solution needs.

How to Use?

The MOAR: Corporate Events report is a must-have for providers looking to understand the business needs of corporate event producers as they seek to provide services to the market. The 150-page report provides useful data and insight for building out both strategic and tactical plans for entering the market or improving their efforts.

What It Says?

  • Corporate events represent a growing market.
    Of the $247 billion total AV market in 2019, the live events market represents $26.7 billion — a sizeable portion of the market. “Live events” includes both live performance events (touring concerts primarily) and corporate events.
  • Attendees are treating “work events” as if they’re leisure events, showing attendance discretion based on high expectations for technology benefits and performance.
    A corporate live event, although work related, often has to compete with other events at the same convention/trade show, etc., so the attendees have choices about which event to attend. In an industry where most of the activity has been on a stage at the front of a room, “interactive touch displays” topped the list of what most enhanced an event for our attendees. Digital signage also came to the fore in our survey as a desired/requested tech solution, for better wayfinding and event personalization among other services.

What It Answers

  • What AV technologies are deployed in corporate events?
  • What is the impact of those technologies on audience satisfaction?
  • How do performance operators plan to incorporate technology in future events?
  • Which technologies are of greatest interest to the event producers?
  • How are AV decisions made within corporate events, and who are the primary stakeholders?
  • How can corporate events solution providers better engage this segment?
  • And much more…

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