The six IOTA spotlight reports let you explore the segments most important to you in greater detail.

Go deeper into the IOTA data and explore the pro-AV segments most relevant to you through the IOTA Spotlight Reports. These reports work together, or by themselves, to provide added insights on a variety of supply side trends, including distribution, manufacturing, and technological changes related to each area.

The 2018 Spotlight Reports are:

Audio Equipment/Speakers:
Gain additional insight on how IP-based distribution is disrupting the audio category, evolutions in speaker features and formats, as well as the latest trends on smart speakers and their increasing popularity.

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Conferencing Hardware Systems:
Look at the shift from hardware to cloud and software-based solutions being implemented in the collaboration market across the globe.

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LED Video Displays:
Track how LED video displays are starting to replace LCD displays in many verticals, and explore how the LED display market is changing rapidly, whether from a standpoint of technical specifications or supply chain improvements.

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Managed Services:
As IT and pro-AV move closer together, there is increasing emphasis toward treating AV as a Service. Learn how these services are embracing the hardware-to-software trend to create revenue for integrators.

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Streaming Media, Storage and Distribution:
With connectivity and IT integration trending upward, there has been an increased need for general purpose servers. See how this space has changed to handle a multitude of AV tasks, shifting away from more specialized boxes and introducing a more traditional IT product set.

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Control Systems:
The new emphasis on voice AI integration in enterprises, homes, and out-of-home applications could potentially cause a shift in how a person interacts with a space. This spotlight will give more insight on how the shift from touch to voice capability in user interfaces is impacting the control systems space .

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