June 14, 2018 by Krystle Murphy

Zero-Ohm Systems made its first appearance at InfoComm’s North American show in 2017 in Orlando at the Innovations Showcase. They made an impression on attendees and took home the Showcase’s People’s Choice award. We caught up with the company’s Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing George Dracopoulos to reflect on last year’s show and the difference a year makes. 

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What was it like being a first-time exhibitor at InfoComm 2017?
It was our first time displaying at InfoComm and it surpassed our lofty expectations. People come to the show looking for the next big technology, and we clearly met our objectives by earning the Innovations Showcase’s People's Choice award for Best New Product Technology.  There is a tremendous amount of energy at the showcase since you are surrounded by so many interesting companies and entrepreneurs all trying to make a name for themselves and all with something unique to offer. From the moment the doors opened until the show closed, we had a constant flow of visitors to the point that my partner and I did not even have a chance to get a snack on any of the three days. We were in the zone. When you display at any trade show, you want to make contacts, meet new partners, and exchange ideas. That's exactly what we were able to accomplish.  

What led you to join the show?
Since we have a new disruptive technology, InfoComm was ideal for us.  About a year ago we were looking for an efficient way to make a big splash in the North American industry and we found the perfect vehicle for that. In recent months, we have signed NDA's with some of the biggest amplifier/speaker manufacturers in the world, and we are in advanced discussions with a few companies to create partnership agreements and technology integration deals. We have gone through various levels of vetting, including lab testing and live shows at major well-known music festivals.   

What was it like winning the Innovations Showcase's People’s Choice Award?
It was truly a validation of our efforts on all fronts. We were confident that we had made a huge impact on our audience, but when we heard the announcement, it was a great feeling! When you have a disruptive technology, there are unique challenges in educating the market. The Zero-Ohm Multispeaker System changes the way fixed installations can be set-up. You can now connect 10-20-40 speakers or more in parallel without the use of transformers. The question for us was: how do you get an industry to take notice and to start to change behavior that dates back decades? Winning this award was special because it was voted on by the industry, and it has opened many doors while serving as a calling card for us. How did we do it? We captured their attention with our brand name and messaging. We saw a lot of amused and/or confused looks (Zero-Ohms, really?). That is our hook! Once we had their attention, we were able to demonstrate our capacity to drive amps to the edge of zero ohms with our demo unit. At the end of the three days, we were running high on adrenaline, and frankly, we did not let anyone pass by our booth without engaging. The results confirmed our strategy and most importantly our technology.

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How was your experience at InfoComm 2018?
The return was great! From a show perspective, we strengthened our existing network, and in some cases, finally put a face to previous discussions and email conversations with prospects and clients. We also made tremendous new contacts for all aspects of the business. 

InfoComm was an important launching pad in 2017, but ultimately any business must stand on its own. In 2018, Zero-Ohm Systems did just that and demonstrated just why the participant votes were merited. From the launch of our new MS-2R (2000 watt per module) model to the requests for representation and integration, our core goals are being met.  Of course, the real work begins after these shows, but we are on the right path.  We are bending the rules of sound and building long-term partnerships and collaborations.  We will see you all at InfoComm 2019!This year we had two lines running: one with twelve 8-ohm speakers and the other with ten 4-ohm speakers (approximately 0.7 and 0.4 ohms respectively) running continuously for three days. To further demonstrate our capacity, we would plug all 22 (you do the math! below 0.1 ohms) into one channel (without ever shutting downthe system). We were also shorting speakers on purpose to show how the amp was 100 percent safe (and never shut-down). At one point, our inventor even short-circuited one speaker wire in a glass of water and the other 21 speakers and the amps were fine and kept playing. Actually, that one shocked me too!

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