April 9, 2018 by Joseph Valerio

WorkforceDevelopmentDid you know AVIXA has a nonprofit charitable foundation? Did you know it was established to address our industry’s need for a high-quality workforce? Did you know it has awarded hundreds-of-thousands in scholarship monies to students around the globe?

Then let me introduce you to the AVIXA Foundation.

With help from our members, the AVIXA Foundation develops and supports programs designed to equip the next generation of audiovisual professionals with knowledge and skills to help them succeed. We are governed by a board of directors composed of AV experts and thought leaders. Through the board’s vision we provide opportunities that empower individuals to leave their mark on our industry. 

Rack StandardIt is our ultimate mission to help bridge the skills gap in the AV workforce. To aid this effort the Foundation offers annual scholarships to students who are earning a degree in industry-related work or show a keen interest in joining our vibrant industry. (Check out our latest winners here).

As a hub of industry growth, we offer the pro-AV industry’s fastest growing internship and mentoring program. Companies eager to find new talent join the program as a partner in workforce development, sponsoring interns from their region through financial scholarship, hands-on training, and job coaching. The Foundation also matches the sponsor company scholarship of $2,000. (See our most recent additions to the program here).  

Most recently, the Foundation has established dozens of new relationships with universities, technical schools, and nonprofits around the world on behalf of the pro-AV industry. We firmly believe that more industry awareness begets more career pathways into the industry. Whether through work of organizations like Integrate Baltimore, or more traditional curriculum exchange with a community college, the more people (of any age) who can see themselves in AV, the better we’ll all be.

We therefore see a bright future ahead. One where our industry pulls new employees from traditional and non-traditional sources alike. To that end, we will continue our quest to showcase this creative, vibrant profession in any way we can.

How will you help grow the future of AV?

About Joseph Valerio

Joseph Valerio is the Director of Workforce Development at AVIXA and the Program Director of the AVIXA Foundation.  

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