January 27, 2016 by Ann Brigida, CTS, CStd

I love sharing good news. So here’s the scoop, and it’s exciting.

The What: InfoComm is launching a new standard this week — one that seems basic, but is very important to our industry. We affectionately refer to it as CLAS, but its real name is INFOCOMM F501.01:2015 Cable Labeling for Audiovisual Systems. It’s a shorty, as standards go, and deals strictly with AV cable labels — period. Not lacing, not power distribution, not face-plate labeling, just cable labels. It’s remarkably nonrestrictive in the sense that it doesn’t make you follow any particular labeling scheme for your numbers/letters. That’s up to you. The standard just wants you to have a scheme; write it down, and follow it according to the rules for consistency, readability, and quality.

The Why:



When you’ve left the building, all that remains is your work.

Proper cable labels save time and money, obviously. But don’t forget: Perception is reality. Taking the time to uniformly label your cables is elementary. If your work looks anything like this, do you think your clients will ask you back? Does your boss have faith that you know what you’re doing?

The What’s Next: Download the standard and follow it. (InfoComm members: It’s free for you!) It’s easy to read and provides examples. Once you set up your system, it will save you time. You’ll be able to track down your cables with efficiency. Plus, you’ll look really, really good.

About Ann Brigida, CTS, CStd

Ann Brigida, CTS, CStd, is Senior Director of Standards for AVIXA. She has served on the Board of Directors for SES, the Society of Standards Professionals, and was the publications council director. A licensed educator and former business owner, Brigida has won numerous writing awards, including the 2013 World Standards Day Paper Competition for her paper, "At Work and Play and Everything in Between: Standards Keep the Ball Rolling." She was named as one of the industry’s influential women in “Power Players: Honoring Exemplary Women in the Industry” in 2015 by SCN (Systems Contractor News).

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