May 7, 2019 by Jennifer Acevedo

VMSD (Visual Merchandising and Store Design) magazine has partnered with AVIXA to develop a compelling track of retail-specific education sessions at InfoComm 2019. Below, Jennifer Acevedo, Editor-in Chief of VMSD magazine provides a preview of these all-new seminars focused on AV technology in retail.

RetailIt seems that if there is one constant in our lives today, it is change. 

The very nature of retail itself is ever-evolving, and after the ups and downs of the past few years, change has become the new normal. And following the perceived threat of a “retail apocalypse,” we’ve seen a renewed focus on customer experience in physical stores. 

Much discussion has been had about the importance of providing seamless experiences to consumers, both online via e-commerce and in physical manifestations of retail. Call it “customer centricity” or “omnichannel,” or whatever buzzword happens to be in favor, but the idea of combining the best of both the physical and digital worlds of retail is undoubtedly the clear path forward.

And that’s exactly why VMSD (Visual Merchandising and Store Design) magazine is proud to partner with AVIXA to produce a track of retail-specific education sessions at InfoComm this year. We’re offering a total of eight sessions, which will explore some of the best-in-class digital activations at retail, along with the designers responsible. We hope it will help attendees foster some thought-provoking discussions about what the future holds as our worlds merge.

To kick off the retail track, I will present an introductory look at emerging trends titled, “Digital Signage Trends and Consumer Insights in Retail.”. This talk will serve as an overview of many of the topics that will be covered in more detail in the balance of the sessions.

Be sure to check out additional case studies in the session “Empowering Retail Associates with Technology,” which will explore how handheld and other tech tools can help floor associates better engage and interact with customers. The session, “Carousel @ Bloomingdale's Retail Pop-Up Shop,” is an inspirational look at the retailer’s high-impact, floor-to-ceiling video walls, presented by Float4’s Alexandre Simionescu. We’ll also take a look at how augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are bridging the gap between the digital and physical shopping realms, to the delight of consumers.

I will moderate a panel discussion called “Collaborative Design for Retail Spaces,” a high-level conversation among retailers, architects and designers, and their integrator partners, on the role of collaboration when leveraging technology as part of the built environment in retail spaces. Key to the discussion will be identifying opportunities for all stakeholders to improve the process.

VMSD technical editor Brian Dyches will also lead a panel discussion featuring experts from leading experiential and architectural/interior design firms called “Experiential Retail Activations: Best in Class.” The conversation will revolve around the most innovative examples of digital activations in retail.

Content is a consistent pain point for retailers once they’ve invested in digital in-store technology. Julio Obeillero, Co-founder and CEO of interactive experiential design firm Wildbytes, will share his insights on content creation for digital installations during “Content Creation Strategies for Retail.”

And a topic always on retailers’ minds, “Future of the Flagship in Retail,” presented by Michael Koch, LOC Associates, and former Senior Director of Store Development for Samsung, will uncover how flagship stores like Samsung 837 in New York are transforming into brand experience destinations that are drawing shoppers in record numbers to re-engage with brick-and-mortar retail.

The digital and physical worlds of retail are converging today as they never have before. If retail is a growth market for your organization, be sure to attend this track of educational sessions to learn more about how leading firms are leveraging the best aspects of each channel together to create consistent, convenient and memorable experiences for consumers. 

Add these sessions to your InfoComm schedule.

About Jennifer Acevedo

Jennifer Acevedo is the Editor-in-Chief of VMSD (Visual Merchandising and Store Design) magazine, a leading media brand serving store planners, visual merchandisers and other design executives in the retail industry. Previously, she was editor-in-chief of Brand Packaging and Retail Leader magazines. Acevedo is a graduate of Auburn University.