January 24, 2019 by Allison Tardif

Sean Wargo, AVIXAThe AVIXA Market Intelligence team has been busy creating actionable insight and traveling the world to describe the ways AV delivers business value in markets like retail, hospitality, sports & entertainment, higher education, and transportation. As part of the team’s effort, AVIXA Market Intelligence will have a strong presence at Integrated Systems Europe 2019, appearing at least seven different events during the week in Amsterdam. 

I recently spoke with Senior Director of Market Intelligence Sean Wargo about AVIXA’s research and his plans for ISE.

Q: If someone has never read an AVIXA market intelligence report before, where do you recommend they start?

A: AVIXA’s entire purpose for its market intelligence efforts is to tell the story of the opportunities represented by the pro-AV channel. This starts with understanding the demand for AV products and services, which is shaped by global economics. Thus, AVIXA begins with a review of the external headwinds and tailwinds influencing channel growth from the outside via a series of reports entitled Macro-Economic Trends Analysis (META). Because of the contextual nature of this research and its importance to any business operating in this space, AVIXA offers these reports as part of the enterprise member benefits.

From there, for those needing more specific data and analysis of the size and growth of various facets of the pro-AV sector, our annual Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA) offers data and analysis on a for-fee basis via a series of reports and an interactive dashboard. Report options range from a full annual subscription to the series to a more a la carte access to specific reports. Where to start is largely a factor of the burning questions of the business. That’s where we can help, so please reach out to us here at AVIXA.

Q: Are there any interesting trends in the European AV market that we should keep in mind as we head to ISE?

A: So much of the trends in today’s markets span the globe. Why? Because at its core, AV builds on a fundamental tenet – our human-ness. Afterall, in the end, we are analog creatures, interacting with the world through sight, sound, and touch. Pro AV engages these senses to create exceptional experiences regardless of geography, industry, or venue.

Certainly, local economics and cultural differences can impact the specifics of how this happens and to what extent specific technologies are emphasized, but these are subtleties in the overall picture of growth. AVIXA’s forecasts do show the European economies growing at a slightly lower rate than some others across the globe, but this overlooks the underlying opportunities inherent in specific areas like digital signage in retail or collaboration and conferencing in corporations happening within the region as well. Look close enough and you will see AV finding new applications across even the most challenged economies.

Q: AVIXA is presenting on Market Intelligence to a variety of vertical markets at ISE, what one or two points will you be sharing with all of them?

A: The research AVIXA completed in 2018, though based on survey work done in North America, highlights some important considerations when looking to capitalize on the opportunities within specific vertical markets.

The first of these is the value of utilizing a design thinking approach when developing solutions for a client in a new vertical. This means beginning with an exploration of the true end user, the consumer, and how they interact with the environment in which the AV solutions will reside. Understanding this, reveals the key aspects of an experience which most lead to a satisfied consumer, office worker, guest, or attendee.

Second, our presentations will touch on the buyer requirements and the decision-making process for procuring AV solutions. Perhaps most important is an exploration of the decision maker themselves, since their role within the organization has an impact on the requirements and approach to developing solutions. All of this is ultimately useful for any provider of AV solutions to better understand their target customer.

Be sure to catch up with AVIXA’s market intelligence team at one of these ISE 2019 Events:

ISE Event

AVIXA speaker

Date & Time


Smart Building Conference

Sean Wargo

Mon, 4 Feb
11 a.m.

RAI The Forum E102

What’s Next: Higher Education Integrated Experiences Design Conference

Sean Wargo

Tues, 5 Feb
1 p.m.

RAI, E102

Digital Signage Summit

Sean Wargo

Wed, 6 Feb
11:30 a.m.

Hotel Okura

Hospitality Tech Summit by HTNG

Sean Wargo

Thurs, 7 Feb
9:15 a.m.

Hotel Okura


Dan Goldstein

Thurs, 7 Feb
10 a.m.

RAI, E102

Main Stage

Brad Grimes and Sean Wargo

Fri, 8 Feb, 11 a.m.

RAI, Hall 8

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Allison Tardif serves as Industry Advocacy Manager at AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, where she leads AVIXA’s efforts and initiatives to raise awareness of the power of AV in dynamic markets such as higher education, design, transportation, sports, and hospitality.