July 12, 2018 by Cory Schaeffer

InfoComm 2018 Women's BreakfastThank you to all who were able to attend the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast during  InfoComm 2018 and to those who did not attend, yet we know are supporting the cause. 

I looked out in the room and was so grateful to those who “showed up” and to see how big this event has grown. Seeing that large room full and tables needing extra chairs, I was filled with hope. We’ve come a long way!

Yes, we’ve made good progress, yet I am of the opinion, that we still have a long way to go. 

As I stated during the breakfast, “for us to create change and finally have diversity, it will take all of us getting involved in some way.”  Gathering once a year as we have done, is great, however this is the year that we take it local.  My ask of all in our AV community is that we work to connect at least once per quarter LOCALLY. This will keep the support, help and conversation going all year long. 

InfoComm 2018 Women's Council BreakfastWe need everyone’s help and there are many ways that you can contribute. You could:

  • Lead or co-lead a local group
  • Offer your facility for meetings
  • Sponsor a local meeting (and provide swag or wine and appetizers!)
  • Provide ideas on topics that interest you
  • Be a speaker at a local event or help get a speaker for a local meeting
  • Arrange for a field trip to an AV installation for a behind the scenes tour
  • Invite your contacts to local group meetings and/or make introductions.

Promote local meetings via your social media accounts and as you talk with your contacts

FIND A WAY to get involved that is comfortable for you.

For us to truly empower and uplift women in the industry, it’s going to take involvement from you. If we all get involved in some way, we can have local groups in every major city. Please don’t wait to be asked, just jump in and get involved.

About Cory Schaeffer

Cory is Director of Systems Solutions for QSC. She serves on the Board of Listen Technologies, which she co-founded in 1998. She previously served on the Board of Directors for AVIXA. Cory is passionate about the industry and developing and nurturing relationships to connect people to positive experiences. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.