July 9, 2018 by Jeremy Caldera, CTS-D, CTS-I
CTS Wall

One of the most exciting things I have seen since becoming involved with AVIXA™ and the CTS® program is the enormous growth. In my four short years on the CTS Steering Committee – three as chair – the program hit the milestones for both 10,000 and now 12,000 certified individuals. The growth has been not only in North America but worldwide. The program also boasts strong retention, which speaks volumes to the adoption within the industry.

I have been an audiovisual design engineer for over 16 years now and have seen more and more industry professionals aware of and adopting all three of the certifications. I have seen more specifications written requiring CTS, CTS-D, and CTS-I personnel on the job to be qualified to bid. This adoption is not just prevalent in the design-bid-build documentation among consultants and integrators. I am most proud to see the CTS program embraced by our industry end users and those outside but closely tied to our industry, such as architecture and engineering firms. Why am I most proud of that aspect? Simply put, it’s because I feel that combining end-user adoption and value on qualified individuals with the total number of certified individuals adds to both the reputation and prestige of the entire CTS program.

Another elite aspect is the recognition of those individuals holding both the CTS-D and CTS-I. Of the 12,000 certified individuals worldwide, there are less than 400 who hold both CTS-D and CTS-I. At the time I achieved my dual certification, there were less than 150, and it felt great to be in such a small prestigious group. There are more and more individuals joining this elite group. Dual certification says that you believe in quality and professionalism, which fuels the number of individuals becoming dual certified.

This growth and adoption of the CTS program would not be possible without the AVIXA staff and the HUGE number of volunteers and industry experts taking their valuable time and giving so much to volunteer and get involved. I cannot tell you how rewarding it has been for me. I began my involvement with the CTS program over six years ago. After joining the Technical Committee as an item writer, I eventually joined the Ethics Committee and was elected to the Steering Committee with the privilege of being the chair for the past three years. Throughout that time, I have seen so much growth in the program in not only size but in the delivery of a quality product because of the culmination of the work from such talented and diverse industry professionals. I am proud to have served with such great staff at AVIXA and other committee members from all aspects of the industry. I have made great friends, brought my career to new heights, found others to mentor, gained more mentors for myself, and have built a network of individuals who feed my passion for our industry. I encourage everyone to get involved!

Be a professional held to the high standards of ethics and conduct. Reassure your clients with your commitment to excellence. Increase your value, confidence, and recognition. Be a recognized leader in the world. Be proud as part of – or join – the over 12,000-strong CTS holders and leading AV professionals.

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About Jeremy Caldera, CTS-D, CTS-I

Jeremy Caldera is the Chief Executive Officer at IAS Technology. He sits as the current Chair of CTS Certification Steering Committee, is part of the AVIXA Leadership Search Committee (LSC), and moderates the revision of the AVIXA/ANSI Standard for Audiovisual Documentation and Coordination Processes. Along with being a member of the AVIXA senior faculty, Caldera helped develop the Audiovisual System Design curriculum at Columbia College Chicago. He was awarded the 2016 AVIXA Educator of the Year Award, 2015 AVIXA Young AV Professional Award, named a 2015 Top 40 Influencer Under 40 by Commercial Integrator magazine, and Top 40 Peoria Business Leader Under 40 in 2017.