February 15, 2018 by Kirsten Nelson
Center Stage InfoComm 2017

You know those meetings where you actually leave the conversation feeling invigorated? When each new idea seems like a natural extension of where you needed to go with a project. And the people in the room are bringing knowledge and perspective that surprises you with exactly the right connection to help you move ahead.

Well, not to brag, but I’ve been having a lot of those meetings lately. Because it’s Center Stage development season, and that means it’s all about aligning the goals of AVIXA’s audience with new perspectives from the countless fields that influence our own business universe.

Maybe you missed the debut of Center Stage at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Florida, or maybe you were enthralled by one of the forward-looking conversations that took place on that very fine, display-technology-enhanced platform in the middle of the show floor. In either case, we are working to bring even more of that invigorating meeting feeling for InfoComm 2018.

Themes for this year’s event began to emerge immediately following the event last year, and as those ideas developed, we’ve been gathering potential speakers from a thrilling variety of approaches. Serendipitously, these ideas and humans (and some AIs, too) are connecting in very cool new ways across a multitude of topics. Now intermingling with InfoComm 2018’s content drivers of integrated life and integrated experience are some happily coincident ideas about personalization and the intersection of content, space and technology.

That’s a bunch of words, but the picture they frame is this: Everything is becoming more personal as the environments around us combine AV, UI and control technology with analytics to make truly smart spaces and events. Basically, the built environment is evolving into the most next-level AV and control system we could envision.

As AV and experience designers, we are a part of this evolving amalgamation of inputs and outputs. Our goal is to help clients and end-users manage constant change by sharing our expertise to connect technology with desired outcomes. The inputs and outputs from our domain are required for these analytics-fed experiences. So how are we going to continue to be a part of the conversation?

By meeting at Center Stage. This year you’ll find three full days packed with 20-minute dialogues on how analytics, biometrics and affective computing, along with a bevy of future-sounding AI, AR, VR, and IoT acronyms, mesh with our experience-based acronyms like AV, IT, UI, DOOH, UC, PAs and DJs.

The environments and applications are familiar to us, as we’ve been plugging in technology to enliven spaces and experiences from the start. But the real surprises come with understanding how practitioners beyond our sphere are using our I/Os. Find out how creative agencies, artists, AI developers, content producers, sports teams, broadcasters, post-production houses, educators, enterprise designers and healthcare providers use our technology. And start a conversation that will help answer questions on your next project, and potentially open the door to new collaborations.

See how our innovation moves the world, and watch everybody unite in that gearhead giddiness that happens on the show floor. Get your seat at Center Stage.

For a preview of the topics we’ll cover at this year’s Center Stage, visit the website, and watch this space for more updates and interviews with the dynamic roster of presenters who will be joining our conversation.

About Kirsten Nelson

Kirsten Nelson has written about audio, video and experience design in all its permutations for more than 20 years. As a writer and content developer for AVIXA, Kirsten connects stories, people and technology through a variety of media. She also directs program content for the TIDE Conference and Technology Innovation Stage at InfoComm. For three years, she also created conversations around emerging media and experiential design at InfoComm's Center Stage. Prior to that, Kirsten was the editor of SCN magazine for 17 years.