January 31, 2018 by Kirsten Nelson
InfoComm Show Floor Displays

Many of you are headed to Amsterdam next week for ISE’s maze of halls filled with technology and the people who love it. And many of you will be watching the news from here, already planning what you’ll seek out at InfoComm 2018. As the flood of new announcements begins, I’d like to suggest a few trends that might be helpful use-case filters:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Seriously, what does it mean for AV? AI-guided automation has already taken on many forms in collaboration, control, and content production and playback. It’s there, accepting voice commands, learning what music you like and cueing video content based on the presence of shoppers or museum visitors. But it’s also going to help us to create memorable experiences, identifying where the action is and triggering a response like a robot production assistant (check out what Intel is doing with Ferrari North America). You don’t have to wait until AI is built into everything you use for a project. When you’re walking the show floor, start to piece together a system automated by APIs, and you’re getting into the mindset of AI.

How are you going to help your clients connect with their audience? By helping them solve the challenge of personalization. Retail, hospitality, museums, entertainment and sports venues have led the way toward identifying individuals in a crowd and appealing to their sensibilities on a local level. But there is also a need for connecting on a more authentic way in enterprise, education, healthcare and the numerous other markets served by AV. Find new ways to integrate your clients’ content with analytics platforms and customization tools, and discover a way to be their personal best friend when you help them to deliver better outcomes.

Digital Natives
Some of you live with these naturally specialized users of technology at home or at work, and some of you are yourselves actually this exotic breed of person born in the computer and internet age. We’re not saying digital natives are different and need to be accommodated (we’re not “millennial-ing” anyone, we promise), we’re saying we need to operate from their perspective. A new understanding of constant change and (buzzword alert) disruption is required to provide useful and memorable experiences. Don’t look for the last piece of technology you’ll ever need to install, look for a platform that deals well with the inevitability of upgrades and format changes. And remember, systems only get better if you seek input from all stakeholders. The best collaboration comes when the newest Digital Native knowledge is blended with experience from the Digital Wizened.

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Kirsten Nelson has written about audio, video and experience design in all its permutations for more than 20 years. As a writer and content developer for AVIXA, Kirsten connects stories, people and technology through a variety of media. She also directs program content for the TIDE Conference and Technology Innovation Stage at InfoComm. For three years, she also created conversations around emerging media and experiential design at InfoComm's Center Stage. Prior to that, Kirsten was the editor of SCN magazine for 17 years.