February 1, 2020

AAAEWhen people enter 900 North Michigan Shops on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, they may catch a glimpse of birds flying above the seven levels of high-end retail and dining. Only they aren’t real birds and that isn’t actually the sky overhead. Created by New York-based ESI Design, the ceiling is, in fact, a 190-foot-long digital canopy of high-resolution LED displays, designed to draw visitors through the mall with eye-catching content, including lifelike, computer-generated flocks.

Such digital experiences have come to permeate the spaces people pass through every day. The right combination of content, space, and audiovisual (AV) technology helps organizations engage, inform, and entertain the public in ways never before achievable. What has come to be called “media architecture” — integrated AV and lighting systems in the built environment — is a growing specialty influencing the design of retail, hospitality, corporate, and even airport facilities.

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