June 3, 2020 by Joe' Lloyd

Grocery store signageAccording to 2018 research into retail technology adoption by AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, 47% of retailers surveyed said they planned to increase the amount of digital signage in their stores. When we asked shoppers what they thought of the many displays, videowalls and other digital experiences popping up in retail, more than half took a utilitarian view — it helped them find products and/or learn about them — but a whopping 41% said it added to their enjoyment of shopping in stores.

But with more retailers adopting digital signage and other audiovisual experiences to draw and engage shoppers, they face a digital-age conundrum: Who’s going to create all that engaging content? How? And how often? Because nothing undermines a well-considered retail digital signage strategy like content that plays over and over and over — without changing — for months. The solution is generative content.

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Joé Lloyd is the the Senior Director of Communications for AVIXA where she leads public relations and internal communications; as well as supports brand positioning, market intelligence, and content development for the audiovisual’s premier industry organization.