The Colombian capital has always been a reference for culture and art, and for more than 48 years the Cinematic has contributed to this purpose, encouraging access to all Bogota citizens to the cinema and at the same time preserving the film heritage of the country. This scenario is now renewed and moves its facilities to a modern building where visitors can enjoy a space of 8,500 square meters dedicated to audiovisual arts.

Behind this successful project that has received international awards and recognition, there are two AVIXA members, who made this project a pride for Colombians and made it the new icon for the country film culture.

The Cinemaic of Bogota | AVIXA The Cinemaic of Bogota

The Technological Strength Behind the Integration of Large Projects

For the design, implementation and integration of the Cinemateca audiovisual infrastructure, it was vital to have an interdisciplinary company where professionals not only knew about cinema but also, could provide all the audiovisual solutions that managed to integrate everything, since an audiovisual space was planned, which included animation laboratories, digital laboratories, art gallery, 3 cinemas with state-of-the-art technology, interactive classrooms, and many more areas; explains Carlos Andrés Pérez, Engineer of SEEL, who led this project.

Taking this into account, SEEL was the company chosen for the realization of the project, since the fact that they carried out the design and at the same time the execution, ensured the success of the project, capturing and realizing everything that the client needed.

SEEL S.A, is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the AV industry, which has participated in successful projects such as the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, in addition to performing technological integration of television systems and professional sound studios, it also designs and manufactures lighting solutions and equipment for all types of stage.

“In SEEL we are passionate about carrying out the projects, we like challenges, this project from the beginning was a super challenge, nobody has made a cinematic in Colombia, we had not done it either, but we surrounded ourselves with the best, the best technology, we prepare and turn as a company to make a cinematic and we achieve it. It has been one of the most beautiful and clean jobs we have done,” says Carlos Iván Fernández Manager of SEEL S.A.

This challenge was supported by recognized AV industry companies such as Crestron Inc, Bardan International, Bose, JBL, among others, who got involved and were part of the process, advising, counseling and providing the experience that the project needed. “The support of the suppliers gave us that impulse and that security of feeling able to consolidate this project, with all the engineering and technology development that was required,” explains the SEEL Manager.

Gallery, The Cinemaic of Bogota | AVIXA Gallery, The Cinemaic of Bogota

A Dream Project with Challenges and Successes

Integrating all the spaces and more than 300 teams, was undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges and the greatest success of this development, since incorporating network control and automation systems within the cinematic spaces, manageable from web browser with a application on tablets, it was possible to control the lighting, video distribution systems, PTZ cameras, movie projectors, content playback equipment, access to movie servers, video recording, and streaming equipment.

The cinematic design, its integration, and implementation covered different spaces such as movie theaters with a TSM (Theater Management System) system with the installation of 4K projectors, two of them high contrast and 7.1 sound systems, routing systems and video distribution, BYOD equipment, cabin monitoring equipment and control systems.

As well, as a multifunctional room with a particular structure tailored to install audio, video, or lighting equipment; The creation and training laboratories and the image and sound workshop. The place for early childhood and adolescence, with audiovisual resources and interactive equipment that facilitate learning.

BECMA (Specialized Library of Cinema and Audiovisual Media) was also implemented with 12 viewing stations with all audiovisual equipment; in addition to the gallery with 4 mobile Truss structures, along with its distribution of audio, video, energy, and lighting control signals; the animation room with a grill for the support and connection of cameras and/or lighting equipment; and an electrical, video and sound distribution.

“When I think about this project, in everything we did and achieved, I realize that all the execution of this megaproject and its success is the result of the work and commitment of our engineers, designers, architects, the support of the brands who accompanied us and understood the importance of this space for the society and culture of Bogota, we can only say that we are happy and very proud of what we achieved,” says Engineer Carlos Andrés Pérez, who led this project.

The Cinemaic of Bogota | AVIXA The Cinemaic of Bogota

The Reinvention of Integrators

Another of the companies that were part of this project was ANDIVISIÓN, a company with 18 years of experience in the audiovisual world, which contributed its knowledge and professionalism in the adaptation and provision of rooms aimed at interactive learning and other spaces.

“Several years ago the vast majority of us were selling products, as we say, some boxes that we installed and ready, but now the customer and the same environment demands not only products but solutions that provide experiences, so we had to reinvent ourselves, providing comprehensive audio and video solutions, studying new markets, new alternatives that add value to customers and thus become a more profitable and competitive company,” says Nelson Benavides, General Director.

Leaving the Shell

For Paola Reyes, Special Projects Manager of ANDIVISIÓN, an essential aspect is the accompaniment that is made from the beginning to the clients, looking for a way to satisfy the needs and providing more than products, services. And that is what they experienced in the Cinematic project, where they participated in the provision of the Multifunctional room, delivering all the equipment of the audio and video laboratories, providing it with specialized equipment such as printers and 3D scanner, interactive, touch-screen digitizer tablet and digital, virtual reality equipment, portable dome, and projection system; library workstations that required really robust equipment.

"The Cinematic today has excellent quality equipment and specifications that you can not find anywhere else because they were made exclusively for them; literally this project led us to slow down, get out of the shell and continue to reinvent ourselves as a company."

This project demonstrates the growth and expansion of the audiovisual industry and its influence on the creation of communication experiences. It also exemplifies the challenge and reinvention of AVIXA members to meet the needs of their customers, delivering the best in technology, professionalism, and dedication, generating successful results and changing how people perceive the world.