BayerWhen Bayer UK, the Life Science organisation, decided to move its premises, they wanted to create a culture shift. The new offices in Green Park, Reading needed to be connected, encourage efficient new working practices and provide an engaging, collaborative experience for employees.

The project was planned and implemented by Focus 21, an engineering company that specializes in the integration and servicing of audiovisual and videoconferencing systems which has been recently acquired by international AV integrator AVMI. Recognised by the InAVation Awards 2018, the project stood out among other entries as an impressive use of AVIXA standards to create designs that allowed the installed systems to be energy efficient, optimised for use and of the highest quality.

AVIXA standards help to define processes and requirements for AV systems, promote reliable performance, and aid companies in gaining a competitive global advantage.

Project Manager Justin Paveley, CTS®-D, CTS®-I ensured that the Bayer project was not only implemented in the very short time scale required, but also delivered on a budget, to high standards and exceeding the client’s expectations.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be announced as The InAVation Awards AVIXA Standards awards winner,” said Justin Paveley. “To me this award shows the importance Focus 21 places on training and professionalism. Using Standards displays our commitment and the processes we have put in place to deliver our customers a great project, in which they have confidence and trust in our ability.”

BayerThe key was to make sure Bayer’s new space provoked a change in how employees not only worked, but how they felt about working. Bayer UK’s steering committee had an extensive list of requirements, not least of which was creating a standardised approach to meeting room technology that was simple and intuitive for both colleagues and guests.

“It is clear to us that these standards have improved and ensured best practices in the industry and the accreditations owned by Focus 21 were one of the reasons we decided to work with them.” said Glynn Seymour, Digital & Infrastructure Team Lead, Bayer UK.

Focus 21 collaborated with MiX Consultancy to deliver a cutting-edge AV system that links the business seamlessly with Bayer UK’s Germany headquarters. The Reading building boasts more than 60 communal, presentation and meeting spaces with each space connected to a central control system. These spaces needed to be versatile while retaining ease of use and bolstering the image of Bayer UK as an innovation driven life science organization.

Paveley also had to consider the impact on the existing architecture of the building as well as IT, management and environmental systems across its many collaborative spaces. The Focus 21 team implemented a range of AVIXA Standards throughout to meet these customer requirements and ensure everything had a high-quality finish, including the ANSI/INFOCOMM 2M-2010 (Standard Guide for Audio-visual Systems Design and Coordination Processes) certified checklists to aid with the design, coordination, installation and maintenance of the project, and the ANSI/INFOCOMM 3M 2011 (Projected Image System, Contrast Ratio) standard to ensure they were providing the best quality imagery in areas with ambient lighting.

cs-bayer-3“This was a fantastic project to work on and in compiling the requirements through a series of workshops with Bayer UK’s key stake holders, MiX determined a set of guiding principles to ensure design continuity across the proposed scheme,” said James Woods, AV associate, MiX Consultancy. “A key component of the strategy was to provide standardisation through consistency and simplicity by minimising customisation but also delivering innovation to the business. This in turn promoted user confidence, reliability and value.”  

To provide a flexible and reliable infrastructure for conferencing and presentation, the team installed 22 Skype-enabled presentation rooms each featuring the same technology setups, allowing users to easily move between spaces without disruption. The rooms contain a range of technologies from custom made speakers to sound bars to allow staff to communicate via crystal clear video conferencing. Visuals are presented on LED displays of different sizes, ranging from 46” all the way up to an 84” display.

The building also includes a restaurant area to cater for working lunches or more formal occasions. Dining booths are equipped with 32” displays, while the restaurant itself features video conferencing and data presenting facilities along with an array of displays and a projector, enabling statement presentations and town hall events to take place.

The Baylab Inspirational Space – an engaging education area for pupils – has been equipped with a projector, 109” screen and smart screens for interactive presentation facilities in this lab environment, with multiple inputs controlled by a touchscreen panel enabling both wired and wireless presenting. The space utilises AV to bring learning to life.

In total the project features over 400 endpoints integrated onto the client’s network, ranging from video end points, VOIP interfaces, IPTV receivers, touch panels, central controllers and wireless presenting receivers. All snagging, optimisation and verification was done using the AVIXA certified checklist to conform with ANSI/INFOCOMM 10:2013, which provides a framework for system documentation, reducing the amount of miscommunication on the project.

 “The office move has attracted significant interest across the Bayer UK group worldwide, with many visitors traveling to see the installation first hand and giving hugely positive feedback,” added Glynn Seymour. “This has been an amazing project for Bayer UK in the UK - one that has supported a cultural change and equipped employees with the tools to collaborate effectively and drive customer value.”