By David Keene

Top AV companies are using AVIXA membership and resources to prepare their AV companies for success in a new and more demanding business landscape.

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India is the third-largest pro-AV market in APAC, and the fastest-expanding economy in the region, with GDP growth expected in the 7% range through 2020 and beyond. However, for AV integration companies and end user customers a fast-growing market can be a perilous market, because inconsistent AV training, installation practices, and standards across the country still create too much uncertainty when it comes to project implementation. But the good news is: best practices are emerging among the best AV integration companies that need to position their companies for growth and improved profitability in a changing AV and IT landscape. Key to those best practices is membership in AVIXA, the leading Association in India – and internationally – dedicated to advancing the AV integration business. Because leveraging AVIXA’s resources for training, certification, standards, and business intelligence allows your AV company to stand out and succeed in a tough, competitive landscape with new dynamics and new pressures.

AV Integrators and AV Design Consultants must navigate a new, more competitive AV and AV/IT landscape

Even as the demand for quality AV infrastructure ramps up – for enterprise deployment of conference rooms, meeting rooms, and collaboration solutions, and for client experience centers, NOC’s, and Command and Control centers – a new, tougher and more competitive landscape coupled with higher expectations for installed AV now defines the Indian market. What’s driving the higher expectations, and the increased pressure?

The last five years has seen larger project implementations. And new technologies – AV/IP, more integrated Unified Communication, BYOD, AR/VR, pixel mapping, and large palette LED, to name but a few – are evolving faster than ever. Adapting to those more complex projects and new technologies drives the need for training and retraining, focused on AV industry certification.

Standards established by AVIXA now set benchmarks for quality and consistency in AV project implementations. And those Standards – working synergistically with the benefits of AVIXA’s CTS certification – not only help companies manage the project better, they also manage the outcome. Including the only outcome that counts: the assurance of the best service to the customer.

And in today’s changing market, Business Intelligence (BI) is not a luxury, but crucial, to determine which of the growing markets are better suited to your offerings, and to hone your market strategy and growth objectives. Good Business Intelligence is now vital to market success.

Drilling down: Best Practices for leveraging superior training, certification, standards, and business intelligence from AVIXA

The need for better AV design and installation standards, certification, and industry resources is clear. How are the needs being met, today?

AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certifications – How are the top AV Installation companies using CTS to advance their business?

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AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certifications – CTS General, CTS-D (Design), and CTS-I (Installation) – are ANSI accredited under the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission. Indeed, AVIXA has administered the CTS program, for 30 years, and it’s recognized worldwide as the leading AV professional credential.

CTS certification offers you: the ability to sell you and your company’s work more effectively to clients; evidence of technical proficiency and professionalism to AV Design Consultants, and to customers; increasing value, recognition and marketability of the CTS credential in the marketplace; and demonstration of your adherence to a strict code of ethics and conduct.

"When we request bids from AV installation companies in India that want to participate in our projects, we look for both AVIXA CTS-D, and CTS-I certified technicians."
Kelvin Ashby-King
Principal Consultant, T2 Consulting Group
Kelvin Ashby-King

How does CTS fit into the market? That’s easy to answer: many AV Design Consultants – and other professional contractors who engage AV professionals – require that the systems integrators bidding on their jobs employ AV professionals who hold the CTS credential. Others give preference to AV companies that employ CTS-certified technicians.

According to Kelvin Ashby-King, Principal Consultant, T2 Consulting Group, and one of the top AV Design Consultants in India, “AVIXA’s CTS is very important not just to build credibility in our own AV companies, but with the outside world – in other words, the end user customers.”

“At end of the chain, there has to be skilled AV expertise,” said Ashby-King. “When we request bids from AV installation companies in India that want to participate in our projects, we look for both CTS-D, and CTS-I certified technicians. In fact, nearly every company we work with has at least two CTS-D’s. We’ve now prequalified about 150 companies – it’s part of the tender process.”

Kaushik Mukhopadhyay | AVIXA

“AVIXA has multifold benefits for an AV integration company in India,” said Kaushik Mukhopadhyay, Co-Founder & Executive Director of AVID (AV Integration Distribution). AVID has years of international experience to develop integrated audiovisual system solutions, and is staffed by a team of professional and experienced designer and engineers, providing some of the most sophisticated and innovative solutions, from its offices in several cities in India – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi.

“Our primary benefit from AVIXA,” said Mukhopadhyay, “is getting people certified in CTS. When we go to the marketplace, we separate ourselves from our competition by using CTS-certified people. And, we encourage our customers, and consultants, to spec CTS certification in to jobs, as well as adherence to AVIXA standards.”

Aesthetix Technologies India Pvt Ltd. – based in Bangalore – is one of India’s top AV installation companies and one of the many companies for whom AVIXA membership has paved the way to more company growth. Aesthetix now has six CTS-certified employees, working in sales, design, project execution, and post-sales support. According to the company’s owner, Sudan Mylsamy, AVIXA made it very easy to secure the CTS certifications, with little hassle.

Within a span of two years Sudheer Mani, Manager, Sales, at Aesthetix Technologies received both his CTS-I and CTS-D, and says that CTS certification has helped him to bring new business to his company.

“Most of the training is done online,” commented Mylsamy, “except the hands-on training for installers which was conducted as part of the regional training by AVIXA. They have a great platform: anyone who works in industry has access to a great backbone for learning, and they can choose what career path they want: design, installation, or programming.”

AVIXA Resources for Business Intelligence, Standards, and Industry-wide Recognition

Perhaps not coincidentally due to their superior work ethic and business practices, Aesthetix Technologies, cited above, is the first company in India to achieve APEx status with AVIXA. APEx – the AVIXA-administered AV Provider of Excellence program – is a recognition credential earned by integration companies and AV design consulting firms that have demonstrated excellence in training their teams, world-class service to customers, and the upholding of industry standards. The prestigious APEx designation is for AVIXA members only – one of the many benefits of membership. AVIXA allows companies of all sizes to pursue these kinds of quality initiatives, and to access association resources.

The creation and publication of AV industry Standards is also key to AVIXA’s activity, with standards around Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification, Recommended Practices for Security in Networked AV Systems, Audiovisual Systems Energy Management, and many more technical standards. With AVIXA membership your company will have full access to those Standards and gain market benefit from them. As the Indian market – and all global AV markets – work to ensure high quality AV systems with consistent, measurable performance, tapping into this resource will keep your company both performing well, and recognized and rewarded when it comes to bidding on jobs.

To gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of industry trends in the fast-growing Indian market, you need the best Business Intelligence. Your most valuable partner in BI is AVIXA, with their market intelligence. AVIXA works with leading global research firms to collect, analyze, and report on emerging markets, current and future product sales, end-user buying habits, and the macro-trends impacting the pro-AV industry. This is a crucial benefit of AVIXA membership, that will help you to determine which of the growing markets are profitable, learn how revenue models are changing, indentify emerging trends and technologies, understand your overall market position – and much more.


Best practices have now emerged among the best AV integration companies in India that need to position themselves for growth and improved profitability in a changing AV and IT landscape. Key to those best practices is membership in AVIXA, the leading Association in India – and internationally – dedicated to advancing the AV integration business. Membership in AVIXA will ensure that you have access to career- and company-building tools that help you leverage Certifications, Standards, Business Intelligence, and more, to give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in a rapidly changing market.

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