October 17, 2019

Jeremy Elsesser, Level 3 Audio Visual President, shares a passion for training and education.

In his 23 years in the AV industry, 15 of them at Mesa, Arizona-based Level 3 Audio Visual, Jeremy Elsesser, CTS® -D, CTS-I, has made the most of industry training and education on both a personal level and as a champion of training opportunities for the wider AV community.

As President of Level 3 Audio Visual, a systems integration firm that has expanded from five to over 100 employees, he views continued education and job-specific training as an effective way to build a motivated and fulfilled staff.

“Technology changes so rapidly that in order to keep up with it you need to continue to learn and educate yourself on new products and methodologies,” he says. “We build that mindset into our culture. We invest the time and money into our people’s continued education and growth to stay relevant in the industry.”

Jeremy Elsesser, Level 3 Audio Visual President | AVIXA Jeremy Elsesser, Level 3 Audio Visual President

The benefits of a strong focus on training are many, he says, not least of which are employee retention, personal growth, recruitment, and individual employee investment in realizing their potential and experiencing its positive impact. “Advanced training and industry best practices education promotes efficiency and standardization of approach within an organization. It allows us to leverage those efficiencies across the board to produce consistency, predictability, and quality in the work we produce.”

Elsesser is a long-term advocate for AVIXA™ training and certification programs. He serves on AVIXA’s Content & Learning Committee and since 2016 has volunteered as faculty instructor, teaching CTS-D Prep and CTS-I Prep classes. This year, he was recognized as AVIXA’s 2019 Educator of the Year.

“Throughout my involvement with AVIXA, I’ve met some great instructors and mentors who have helped me in my career. Having the opportunity to give back to the industry and provide education and mentoring to others is something I’m extremely passionate about,” he says.

Since early 2019, Elsesser has utilized AVIXA’s contract training program, which brings AV education and training to the wider AV community. Level 3 Audio Visual hosted Install I and II classes at its facility, and is planning a three-day CTS-I Prep training in Mesa, Arizona. He is keen to promote the program’s benefits to his peers in the industry, especially those who are not located on the East Coast or who might have difficulty justifying several days off for multiple staff members.

“This is an undersubscribed service, but a great way for AV companies to bring advanced learning and education to their organization. As an AVIXA member, if you have a training facility, or access to one, you can schedule AVIXA to travel to your location for education. They will send an instructor with the necessary materials, and they will market the event as well as fill additional seats for regional members,” he explains. “It saves attendees a significant expense, both in terms of time and cost traveling to AVIXA in Fairfax, Virginia, or the InfoComm show. As a business owner, that’s a powerful opportunity.”

Nine of his company’s staff members undertook the Install I and II trainings and the remaining seats were filled with technicians from other local AV firms. Catering, logistics, marketing, and shipment of equipment was covered, and attendees only needed to pay for the cost of the class. “We literally had to do nothing, other than come up with students for the class,” says Elsesser.

“Having these trainings aligns with the ongoing development of employees within our organization and my own advocacy for education and training. It is great to be able to bring learning opportunities into regions such as ours that may not otherwise have them available, and to be part of something that allows us to give back to our community and industry.”

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