June 27, 2019

Vienna-airport-main1CYPRESS, CA. – (May 30, 2019) – Six Christie® GS Series laser projectors are bringing visitors into the cockpit of today’s modern jetliners at Vienna International Airport – and you don’t need a boarding pass. Fully automated tours have participants guided through several themed multimedia areas that simulate 24-hour operations, wrapping it up with the cockpit tour.

Visitors can follow a suitcase's journey from check-in to loading into the cargo hold in fast motion or experience the world of air traffic controllers in the tower and the pilots in the cockpit up close. For the large-scale projection in the cockpit area, the operators relied on six Christie DHD850-GS laser projectors with UST 0.36 ultra-short throw lenses. Christie’s valued Viennese partner, Panatronic GmbH, supplied and installed the equipment.

The projectors are in a semicircle on the floor less than three feet from the back wall, providing one single overall picture with the panoramic view of a cockpit. The control and content feed to the projectors is via a central server with a content management system installed and six PCs. A curved screen serves as the projection surface. Despite the minimum projection distance and the short viewing distance of the visitors on the other side of the screen of the cockpit simulation, the wide-angle lenses with ultra-short distance capabilities provides a uniform image.

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