October 1, 2016

Achieving APEx provided a seal of quality and more opportunities for Grand Prairie-based Infinity Sound.

During the last 12 years, AV systems integrator Infinity Sound has developed a business model that relies heavily on reassuring its customers of its high level of performance, experience and training. The Grand Prairie, Texas-based company trains all of its technicians to CTS® level and recently achieved the AVIXA - APEx designation. This, according to the company, "reassures clients of competency, experience, ethical behavior and increased consumer confidence." 

Max Curry, CTS,
Infinity Sound

Infinity Sound President Max Curry, CTS, firmly believes that earning the APEx designation puts his company a notch above others in the marketplace. "This verification of our qualifications demonstrates our ongoing commitment to a quality project delivery system," he says. "As a company, we met all the criteria. We were a very organized, detail-oriented company and we felt like this would differentiate us. It tells our customers that we are committed."

In the few months since Infinity Sound achieved APEx status, it has promoted the fact on its website and to its current and potential clients. "We'd like to see our consultants make this a more stringent requirement in their specification, as it benefits them as well," says Curry. "Having the APEx designation shows that it's not just us saying we’re great, it's an industry benchmark that confirms we’re at the highest level in technical skills, organizational skills, ethics requirements, and more. We're very proud to be able to show that level of commitment."

Curry has had his CTS certification for about 10 years, and his involvement with AVIXA includes attending and teaching project management at InfoComm shows for many years. He sees CTS as an integral part of his company’s professional growth strategy for its employees.

"We've had several employees who have come to us new to the industry and achieved CTS and then CTS-D and CTS-I and moved into the engineering department here," he says. "The fact that it requires a lot of self-study indicates to us a commitment to an employee's own professional advancement. CTS sets a level of standards throughout our company and it standardizes the training."

In addition, he says, it shows customers the company’s commitment to having trained staff, conforming to industry standards, and providing superior service.

"When developing our testing standards we turned to AVIXA and utilized the 2M-2010 standard. This was a useful, time-saving effort. Its language is easily understandable to industry professionals."

Curry would like to see more companies working toward achieving APEx status and wanting to further the use and development of standards in the AV industry.

"If you've got the chops and you meet the criterion, it's definitely worth doing," he says. "If you don't, then maybe there's something you ought to be doing to get to that level. This is a step in the right direction toward what I see as important and necessary standardization in our industry. There needs to be a gold standard, and more stringent requirements such as what APEx demonstrates."