August 10, 2015

JenniferHuWhen Jennifer Hu, CTS®, graduated and got her first job in the AV industry, her first question for her new employer was "Is there anything I should do before I start?" Their response was to begin studying for her CTS certification. Now, a little over a year since starting at the San Diego office of Idibri, this mechanical engineering graduate has earned her CTS and is already talking about when she’s going to start studying for her CTS-D.

It was Hu’s interest in music (she plays piano, clarinet and guitar) and technology that led her to Idibri. The technology design and consulting firm, which also has offices in Dallas and the United Kingdom, serves clients in future-forward venues providing acoustics and theater consulting, and designing AV, lighting, data, and security systems.

The opportunity to work with senior designers and consultants on acoustics and room analysis, as well as learning about AV design, is a dream job for Hu. "We do design work for churches, theaters, boardrooms, classrooms, sports arenas… it varies," says Hu. "There isn’t really a typical day. I work on whatever projects we have lined up, whether it’s taking measurements and retrieving the data for analysis, or writing reports. Sometimes they’ll give me a room and tell me to do the speaker design for it or work on floor plans, schematics, elevations, and so on. It’s whatever anyone needs help with."

A recent project of hers was designing AV for two new buildings at San Diego State University, which involved multiple rooms for a variety of different purposes. "I was given a lot of responsibility for the design on that," she says. "It was challenging and it was very cool to see it come together in the end."

Hu was able to attend her first InfoComm show in 2015, an experience she found both overwhelming and invigorating. While there, she attended the Women's Council Breakfast, a highlight for her.

"There are not that many women in this industry doing engineering and design work, so it was good to meet some of these women,” she says. Through the WIN Breakfast, Hu learned about the Women's Council LinkedIn group. "There have been some group discussions on there that have really helped me, and also a CTS study group, which gave me tips on what to focus on for the final test. The group is a great way for women to support each other and allow us to mentor from afar."